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Centrica Business Solutions recognized for leading in VPP space

Centrica Business Solutions has been named a leader in the Guidehouse Insights Research’s Leaderboard report on top platform providers for mixed-asset VPPs (Virtual Power Plants). The Guidehouse Insights ranks the top 15 VPP platform providers who enable mixed-asset VPPs.

Publish date: 22nd May 2020

For the purposes of this analysis, Guidehouse defined a VPP as “A system that relies on software and a smart grid to remotely and automatically dispatch DER services to a distribution or wholesale market via an aggregation and optimization platform.”

Centrica Business Solutions VPP capabilities enable our utility and aggregation customers’ Energy-as-a-Service offer through FlexPond, our industry-leading SaaS platform. Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions said of the recognition, “I am excited to see that we have been named a leading VPP platform provider in a recent report from Guidehouse Insights. I am proud that we are supporting our customers and partners with cutting edge technology to enable the transition to a low-carbon future.”

Guidehouse Insights Leaderboard Grid

Virtual Power Plants are facilitating the evolution of the energy grid from a centralized model, in which large central power plants generate energy and push it out, to a more localized grid, enabling renewable, local and on-site energy generation and storage. Digital management and automation of energy flexibility enables this to be balanced in an automated fashion benefiting energy consumers and the grid overall. One example is the work we’ve done to help TEPCO enable their consumers to use their energy flexibility.

VPPs aggregate different types of energy assets from hundreds of sites across hundreds of miles into one smart pool. The characteristics of individual assets are very different, but together they are complementary, and the sum of parts is greater than the whole. This aggregation and automation provides stability of the grid as energy is produced in an increasingly distributed grid.

Centrica Business Solutions is uniquely positioned on this list as a full-service energy provider. In addition to Energy Optimization Solutions for customers, utilities and aggregators, we provide energy management, reduction, generation and storage solutions.