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A guide to maximizing ARPA and IIJA funds
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How local governments can capitalize on opportunities to modernize infrastructure

How can local governments accelerate the implementation of energy-efficient technologies and infrastructure with funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act (IIJA)?

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Cities, counties, parishes, special districts, towns, villages, water plants, and wastewater plants – all have a similar challenge. Facilities are showing their age and require maintenance and repair. However, local governments are fiscally constrained due to COVID-19 pandemic-related declining revenues and reduced spending. As a result, they face the daunting task of managing a growing deferred maintenance backlog.

Modernizing infrastructure is essential to helping local governments reduce operational costs, so they can better serve their community, improve the quality of life for their residents, and meet resilience, efficiency, electrification, and carbon targets. The current landscape is offering an unprecedented opportunity for local governments:

  • The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) – provides $130.2 billion to local governments, split evenly between counties and municipalities
  • The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – provides more than $60 billion for state and local governments

But how do you best utilize this federal funding and put these dollars to work for your community? In this guide, we explore how to maximize your ARPA and IIJA funds.

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