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Complete Energy Care Solutions

Get the best from your energy investment with expert operations and maintenance services.

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Maximize the effectiveness and lifespan of your energy solutions with a preventative and ongoing operation and maintenance package. Delivering optimal performance post asset go-live is key to fulfilling its potential for maximum productivity and savings. And by keeping technology up-to-date, higher rates of efficiency are more easily achievable.

By choosing aftercare services from Centrica Business Solutions, you’re choosing one of the world’s leading energy experts and solution partners. We deliver unrivalled end-to-end O&M services across the globe to organizations of all sizes – giving us the scale, know-how and expertise needed to best support your business’ changing needs.

Business resilience with complete energy care

Learn how expert operation and maintenance (O&M) services benefited Portakabin.

Watch an interview from Portakabin Development Manager to see how Centrica Business Solutions provide consistent and proficient servicing support that exceed both their and their client’s expectations

Benefits for your business

  • Optimize performance & up-time, optimally maximize ROI, reduce risk and keep your energy equipment running.
  • Gain the peace of mind, ensure safety, deliver compliance and support applying for relevant tax relief and subsidies.
  • Maximize efficiency & lifetime savings, improve operation, maintain equipment and deliver cost predictability.
Delivering the right service

We are committed to helping you maximize the outputs of your systems and provide you with a tailored service that fits with your business.

Contact us about how you can maximize the longevity and savings of your energy solutions

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Our services are delivered by highly trained, qualified energy solution engineers.
  • State-of-the-art smart technologies, automated systems and advanced analytics.
  • Take greater control of the way your business uses and consumes energy.
  • Ability to deliver 'on the road' or phone support services, depending on location.

Delivering for your organization

Find out how we work to meet your business objectives.

We can help your organization identify opportunities and design an energy solution operation and maintenance strategy that ensures you get the most from your investment, today and tomorrow.