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Commit to net zero & track the business benefits

Download our report to learn how sustainable business leaders are balancing the demands of planet and profit.

We’re at a defining point for the planet

The unprecedented decline in economic activity resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic is prompting organizations to rethink ‘business as usual.’ Sudden, unexpected market disruptions, combined with a heightened awareness of the climate crisis, have business leaders searching for new ways to reduce their environmental impact while still delivering the financial results upon which employees, shareholders, and investors depend.

of businesses worry that cutting carbon emissions will reduce their profitability

of followers have a decarbonization strategy based on scientific data

of followers don't know what energy technologies to invest in

Building a sustainable business

We researched 1,000 executives in seven countries and nine sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and education. This year, we benchmarked sustainability in five key areas:

  • Sustainable business focus
  • Policy-risk preparedness
  • Organizational capabilities
  • Technology adoption
  • Financial readiness

Click through the five areas below to find out more about how - and why - they're taking action.


“Those that do not embed sustainability throughout their company will find themselves at a competitive disadvantage 10 years down the road — if they are able to do business at all.” - Bill Sisson, Executive Director for North America at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

There is mounting evidence that committing to sustainable business practices presents a major opportunity to establish a competitive advantage and build long-term success. Find out more.


“If organizations are not aligned with a net zero pathway, then they are adding to unnecessary and unsustainable risk. So there will be more compliance, there will be more regulation, but there will also be more incentives.” – Jon Sykes, Executive Chairman at Carbon Intelligence

The new Administration in the U.S. is ushering in sweeping environmental regulatory changes to address the “existential threat” of climate change. Their message is unequivocal: now is the time to scale up climate action. Find out more.


“The only way you can perform effectively as a business in this changing environment is through establishing an organizational culture that prioritizes climate and sustainability.” - David Holmes, Chief Technology Officer for Energy at Dell

Leaders understand the need to rethink the conventional approach to carbon reduction and embrace a combination of top-down and bottom-up initiatives. Find out more.


“There is no one technology that is going to solve the problem. Net zero requires an enormously complex and diverse set of technologies. But it is not a choice between technologies — we need everything and more if we are going to be successful.” - David Holmes, Chief Technology Officer for Energy at Dell

Achieving net zero will require new technologies and sizable shifts in business models. Fortunately, organizations already have many of the tools and technologies needed at their disposal. Find out more.


“Climate and sustainability are not about making investments to tick the green box. Smaller businesses can find this challenging, but I would encourage all of them to look at the opportunities. Many companies’ sustainability journeys started by looking at opportunities to run cost-saving projects. For example, reducing your consumption of resources is also going to reduce your costs.” – David Holmes, Chief Technology Officer for Energy at Dell.

While leaders might prioritize long-term investment, they also benefit in the short term. Nearly three-quarters already save money with innovative energy management. Find out more.

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Committing to net-zero

Previous sustainable business research

In our third year discussing energy and sustainability issues and challenges with organizations, we have focused on what a sustainable business model looks like—and explored options that organizations large and small can use to achieve more sustainable development. You can download our previous research reports below.

Hear what sustainable business leaders are doing to balance the demands of profit and planet, and the steps you can take now