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Sustainable energy solutions for K-12 schools

Sustainable energy solutions for K-12 schools

We help provide safer, healthier, and more productive learning environments for teachers and students, improving facilities without impacting budgets.

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) estimates that 53% of schools need to make infrastructure upgrades just to provide ‘good’ conditions for students and staff. Educational institutions tend to run up large energy bills across their properties, so increasing energy efficiency by upgrading lighting and HVAC systems and controls can cut energy costs by more than half, and in some cases, up to 70%.

Our extensive experience in helping to solve the energy challenges in education ensures the maximum return on investments, increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.


How energy can enable a profitable future?
Operational efficiency

The nation’s school districts spend more than $8 billion annually on energy and the EPA estimates that at least a quarter of that energy is wasted due to energy inefficiencies. At the same time constant budgetary pressures to reduce utility costs means improved efficiencies are needed, for example sensors to monitor energy use, upgrading HVAC systems, installing energy-efficient lighting and occupancy sensors, and switching to water-efficient fixtures.

less cost, more revenue.
Resilient operations

Resilient operations are critical to ensure education locations and estates meet policy and legislation requirements and reduce the risk of downtime that can impact student performance and satisfaction. Effectively managing risks demands energy resources, infrastructure and processes that ensure a resilient and operational energy supply, and an energy strategy that reduces exposure to grid failures and supports efficient management of energy estates is critical.

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Sustainable future

Students' attitudes towards the climate are changing and education organizations need to have a long-term energy and carbon reduction policy. Investment in energy resources and technology such as lighting or on-site generation is critical to deliver sustainable building efficiency and meet carbon targets, as well as maintain their reputation in an increasingly competitive market and deliver an enhanced student experience with better working and living environments.

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