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Financing your energy strategy

Financing your energy strategy Power your energy infrastructure with Centrica Business Solutions’
range of flexible financing options.

Leverage the power of distributed energy with financing that suits your budget

Distributed energy solutions are now more accessible, and Centrica Business Solutions can turn your energy challenges into a business advantage without any upfront investment. We will work on your behalf to develop the best solution around the unique energy needs of your business. We are already helping thousands of organizations across the globe achieve their energy goals, combining our long history of leadership in the energy industry with a strong balance sheet and the expertise to deliver for you.

We want our customers to be able to extract the maximum value from their energy vision, without having to take capital away from core operational activities.
Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director Centrica Business Solutions

Explore our innovative financing packages

Whether you choose our Energy Services Agreement (ESA) option or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option – or purchase your energy solution with upfront capital or a low-interest loan – be confident that you have the right partner to help your organization leverage the power of energy to improve your organization’s efficiency, enhance resilience and prepare for the future.

Energy efficiency financing with an ESA

Use our ESA to transform your energy infrastructure with no capital outlay

Our ESA financing option is a pay-for-performance solution that allows organizations to realize their energy ambitions by implementing energy efficiency projects. Organizations can upgrade or install new, efficient cogeneration systems across their footprint, all without the need for an upfront investment. This energy efficiency financing option is ideal for organizations that want to improve the reliability, efficiency, and resilience of their facility.

An ESA makes it simple to implement a more efficient energy infrastructure. You sign a contract with Centrica Business Solutions, allowing you to purchase energy produced by a cogeneration unit installed at your site for a term between 10 and 20 years. Centrica Business Solutions funds the costs associated with the implementation of the project and retains ownership, operation responsibilities, and maintenance of the system. You make payments to Centrica Business Solutions that are tied to the hours of operation and/or kWh produced – when the term concludes, you have the option to purchase the system.

Businesses who choose our ESA option benefit from a savings guarantee, measured through the performance of the system. This creates a holistic energy solution including maintenance and support provided by Centrica Business Solutions.

Commercial solar panel financing with a PPA

Use our PPA to power your business with sustainable, efficient, onsite solar energy without upfront investment

Our PPA financing option is a hassle-free option that delivers efficient, clean solar power and generates immediate savings for your business. This commercial solar panel financing option is ideal for organizations looking to reap the many benefits of installing a solar photovoltaic (PV) system on their site. The PPA requires no upfront investment and no solar PV system ownership responsibilities – Centrica Business Solutions is responsible for any maintenance needed for the solar PV system and for the removal of the system at the end of the contract.

Centrica Business Solutions offers two PPA solutions:

Our customer stories

See how our customers are taking advantage of these options

Alton Towers achieves 80% energy efficiency and cuts energy costs by 12% using ESA financing.
Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, CT is saving $1.5M over 25 years by generating clean, efficient solar energy through a PPA.
A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Philadelphia, PA is saving $145k annually with cogeneration financed with an ESA.

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