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To survive in today’s world of digital transformation, increased competition and the focus on climate change, organizations need to be both economically and environmentally sustainable. Operational excellence and cost management are an important focus for all, but digitalization is also driving the need to protect business systems and precious information resources.

Together, these forces are putting organizations under pressure to find new ways to grow, be more energy efficient, improve operational resilience and limit their impact on the environment.

In response to these challenges, integrated energy solutions are increasingly being seen as an answer. Driven by technology advances and increased flexibility of choice, organizations large and small are managing risks and maximizing opportunities by forging partnerships with energy providers that have the capability to deliver localized energy solutions.


of sustainable business leaders use energy-efficient technologies to develop new revenue streams1


as many respondents say that disruption is a top business risk as in 2017 (50% compared to 25%)1


‘Operating a sustainable business model’ named a top 3 priority for organizations we surveyed1

Learn what sustainable business leaders are doing to balance the demands of profit and planet – and the steps you can take now.

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From energy strategy to on-site generation and optimization to ongoing operation and maintenance, we deliver new thinking, new technologies and new ways of working.
Realize your pathway to net zero
Realize your path to net zero
Decarbonizing your organization and its supply chain is the most important step organizations can take to tackle climate change. And pressure from employees, customers and regulators is growing. We can help you develop a sustainable, growth-oriented energy strategy that enables you to respond quickly to new opportunities and stakeholder expectations of environmental responsibility – helping you realize your pathway to a low-carbon future. Working with us means your organization can reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, switch to renewable sources, develop low-carbon strategies and enable sustainable business practices.
Enhance value and efficiency
Enhance business value and efficiency
Operational excellence and cost management are a core focus of all organizations. Managed well, energy can help to drive efficiency and power performance. We can help define and implement short- and long-term efficiency and value generation programs, using data-led decision making to identify opportunities and act on them using integrated supply and energy solutions – helping you realize your pathway to success. Working with us means your organization will reduce energy costs, make energy easier to manage, create value from energy efficiency and get actionable analysis.
Keep your organization on 24/7
Keep your business on 24/7
Ensuring continuity of energy supply is a key part of any organization's success. It’s important to have an energy strategy that secures you from operational and grid supply interruptions. We can help protect your organization with integrated energy solutions and full lifecycle support to safeguard your organization from commercial, regulatory and market risks – helping you realize your pathway to energy security. Working with us means your organization will be able to better manage commercial risks, stay compliant with regulations, increase reliability of assets and ensure continuity of supply by reducing grid dependency.

Arrow Linen Supply Company reduces grid consumption by 73%

A combination of energy solutions from Centrica Business Solutions delivers cost reductions and efficiencies.

A range of energy-efficient, sustainable opportunities including solar, LED lighting, and energy insights solutions has replaced 73% of Arrow Linen’s power requirements – yielding 25-year savings in excess of $3 million and reduced carbon emissions of 578 tons annually, while providing greater insight into operational processes and the ability to use power more efficiently.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Reduce carbon footprint by deploying technologies and services that identify inefficiencies and reduce waste
  • Increase profits by better managing energy requirements and creating competitive advantage for your organization
  • Minimize risks by identifying energy-related business and environmental challenges as early as possible
  • Optimize performance and up-time with our range of energy solution operation and maintenance packages
  • Wide range of zero-CAPEX options enable our customers to implement advanced energy solutions without capital
  • Extensive heritage and experience with energy solutions in place across 34 countries

Customers serviced with energy-efficient solutions in the U.S.


Total assets being optimized, supporting local grids


GWh of clean energy generated by our solar PV installations in the U.S.

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