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Powering the next generation for Arrow Linen with clean solar power

A mix of energy-efficient solutions have replaced 73% of Arrow Linen’s power requirements, delivering cost reductions and efficiencies that are keeping customers satisfied and the company ahead of its competition.
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Arrow Linen Supply Company has been providing textile services to organizations throughout greater New York for more than 70 years. Four generations of the Magliocco family have built a hugely successful business that originated in Brooklyn and expanded to Long Island with its Garden City headquarters. More than 250 people are employed between the two energy-efficient plants, laundering workwear, aprons, linen, towels and bedding for delivery to hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, health and beauty businesses, manufacturers and many more.

Staying competitive through cost control

In a crowded marketplace, Arrow Linen has earned a great reputation for both service and competitive prices. Ensuring that its machinery operates uninterrupted 24/7, combined with tight cost controls, is essential for customers to continue receiving outstanding value and service.

Combination of solutions make the difference

After gaining a detailed understanding of the company’s objectives, Centrica Business Solutions energy experts identified a range of additional energy-efficient, sustainable opportunities – which, in combination, could deliver substantial cost savings and environmental benefits.

First, Arrow Linen’s building had a huge 72,000 square foot roof, perfect for a comprehensive solar power installation to allow it to generate its own power on-site. To complement this installation and drive further efficiencies, Centrica Business Solutions also installed their Energy Insight solution to monitor important machinery, equipment and systems in the building. This would allow Arrow Linen to inform maintenance, repairs or replacement programs, and – in combination with an LED replacement lighting system – use their solar-generated and utility power efficiently. 

Finally, the Centrica Business Solutions team installed a highly cost-efficient backup energy source, in the form of an innovative mobile generation solution. During any temporary loss of primary energy sources, this could quickly provide 100% of the building’s power requirements, while Arrow Linen’s supplier reinstated the supply.

The results

Arrow Linen’s new solar power solution features 1,745 photovoltaic panels on its Garden City roof, combined with super-efficient LED lighting rigs throughout the building. This has replaced a whopping 73% of Arrow Linen’s power requirements, resulting in 25-year savings in excess of $3 million and reduced carbon emissions of 578 tons annually. 

The solar system is backed by Centrica Business Solutions’ market-leading 10-year workmanship and production warranties, which provide valuable peace of mind for Arrow Linen’s executives.

Under these arrangements, Centrica Business Solutions guarantees the performance of the solar power system for 10 years, reimbursing customers if power generation falls below agreed levels. If it does, Centrica Business Solutions carries out all necessary work to ensure that the system is meeting or exceeding expected performance.

Arrow Linen’s partnership with Centrica Business Solutions also delivered additional benefits through its compliance with the New York State Energy Research Development Authority’s NY-Sun program, which provides financial support for businesses to embrace solar technology.

John A. Magliocco, President of Arrow Linen Supply Company, said: “We were very impressed by Centrica Business Solutions’ approach, they took us through a very thorough process. They wanted to find out about our business and what our goals were. Then they wanted to think about how they could help us achieve those goals within the budget we had available, rather than just coming in with something specific to sell to us off the shelf.

“We liked that they’re a big organization with a breadth of expertise and a track record, in Solar, LED lighting, CHP and Stand-by Generation. Combinations of solutions on which they could offer 10-year warranties. That gave us a lot of financial confidence and peace of mind. The technology has been expertly installed and is fully operational – and it’s cutting our power requirement by 73% – that’s a great result.”

We were very impressed by Centrica Business Solutions' approach, they took us through a very thorough process, to find out about our business and what our goals were.”
John A. Magliocco, President, Arrow Linen Supply Company

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Centrica Business Solutions Energy Insight solution monitors important machinery, equipment and systems in the building
  • The installation of a highly cost-efficient backup energy source, in the form of an innovative mobile generation solution
  • Solar system is backed by Centrica Business Solutions' market-leading 10-year workmanship and production warranties, providing valuable peace of mind
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