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Village of Avon NY Implements Future-Enabled Street Light Technology
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Village of Avon retrofits street lights with a turnkey and future-enabled LED solution

Village of Avon, NY, selected Centrica Business Solutions as a partner to overhaul the exterior lighting throughout its community. The project was implemented as an ESPC funded by energy and maintenance cost savings.

street lights replaced with LED technology
guaranteed year-one electricity cost savings
guaranteed year-one maintenance cost savings

The challenge:

The Village of Avon, NY, faced several challenges related to its street light infrastructure that could not be addressed with the existing operating budget. The spacing of street lights on the main road leading into the village, insufficient lighting downtown, and the need for more efficient lighting solutions in parking lots were contributing to safety concerns for employees and members of the community. 

The solution:

To address these challenges without impacting its budget, the Village of Avon issued a Request for Proposals and selected Centrica Business Solutions to implement a turn-key Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC). Centrica Business Solutions negotiated a buyback deal with National Grid and developed a project that could be self-funded through energy and maintenance cost savings. Centrica Business Solutions also collaborated with National Grid to add more lights on the main road leading into the village. Photometric tests were performed to ensure compliance with the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) standards and to achieve satisfactory lighting conditions throughout the village. The fixtures were designed to be future-enabled, giving the Village of Avon flexibility to incorporate additional controls as technology evolves.

Centrica has been an outstanding partner in converting our municipal streetlight fixtures to modern LED. They’ve been responsive to all of our issues and concerns as the project progressed. The transformation in our downtown business district and Circle Park have made a remarkable improvement for both vehicular traffic and pedestrians. Safety and efficiency measures have been fulfilled and a welcoming atmosphere has been created for our citizens."
Patrick McCormick Trustee, Village of Avon, NY

The result:

With the project successfully implemented, the Village of Avon witnessed several immediate and long-term benefits. The introduction of new LED street lights and added fixtures on the main road substantially improved night-time visibility and safety for both pedestrians and drivers. With improved lighting, the downtown village area of Avon is more vibrant, safe, and inviting for residents and visitors alike. The village is now poised to realize energy and operational savings from the LED upgrades. The project is guaranteed to generate $23,699 in energy savings and $40,500 in maintenance costs in the first year, escalating at 3% for the contract term of 10 years. The Village of Avon, initially concerned about various aspects of their lighting infrastructure, now boasts a state-of-the-art, efficient, and future-ready street lighting system, setting a precedent for other municipalities to follow.

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