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Sustainable energy solutions for colleges and universities
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Sustainable energy solutions for colleges and universities

Achieve your campus sustainability goals and hit your budget with integrated energy solutions that lower operating costs and your carbon footprint.

Cutting overhead costs and embedding sustainability have never been more critical for colleges and universities. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this even more urgent. Enrollment is down, competing priorities are straining budgets, and pressure is growing for campuses to become sustainable. They must achieve their economic and environmental goals to stand out from their competition without diverting budget from student acquisition and retention.

Aging campus infrastructure demands high energy costs, maintenance expenses, and carbon emissions. Upgrading infrastructure will reduce operational expenses, attract students, ensure a safe environment, and free up resources for campus offerings. However, with budgets strained, many institutions don’t have the capital. Working with the right partner can help them meet their sustainability goals with financing that requires no upfront investment.

Why are colleges and universities striving for sustainability?

For colleges and universities, sustainability isn’t just a ‘nice-to-have’ – it’s a key component enabling them to free up resources to create a better learning environment and give them a competitive edge. The stakes are high:


Higher education institutions in the U.S. spend over $6 billion on annual energy costs across 5 billion square feet of floor space


75% of applicants say that a college’s commitment to the environment would affect their decision to attend that college


In response to the challenges of COVID-19, 79% of college presidents consider the mental health of their students as the most pressing issue

Discover 5 opportunities for colleges and universities to manage energy costs.
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Your sustainability goals are achievable
The right partner and energy strategy mean a faster path to reach your net zero and budget goals. Download our brochure to learn how Centrica Business Solutions helps colleges and universities balance planet, profit, and resilience.
Why choose Centrica Business Solutions?
Integrated sustainable energy solutions
Integrated sustainable energy solutions
Remove complexity and deliver the most “add-on” value through our bundled, end-to-end energy solutions that encompass energy efficiency measures, renewable energy offerings, and demand response services.
Sustainable energy solutions
A structured approach and energy pathway
A structured, data-driven action plan
Link your objectives to a clear energy strategy with our engagement methodology that provides a clear and targeted approach to energy implementation that helps you achieve your campus sustainability goals.
Developing a tailored vision for your campus
A partner that works with you
A partner that works with you
Upgrade infrastructure with an industry expert that works with you to tailor integrated energy solutions, services, and financing to meet your sustainability goals.
About Centrica Business Solutions
Energy solutions flexible financing
No upfront investment
Overcome budget constraints and finance your sustainability strategy with a range of options that allow you to implement multi-measure energy efficiency and clean energy projects – with no upfront cost.
Financing your sustainability strategy