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Energy Management Solutions For Colleges & Universities

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Finding opportunities in challenging times  

Colleges and universities across the U.S. have been struggling to manage increasing costs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. While the new federal relief bill awards $40 billion to higher education institutions, the estimated additional costs from the pandemic are around $180 billion. As a result, cutting overhead costs has never been more important. Taking a more efficient approach to managing campus energy is a very good place to start.

This guide explores how changing your approach to energy management can dramatically cut overhead costs, reduce maintenance needs, improve indoor environments, and achieve your sustainability goals.

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State of Facilities in Higher Education Report By Gordian
Gordian’s latest edition of their State of Facilities in Higher Education report confirms that U.S. colleges are facing staggering pandemic-related costs, a growing backlog of deferred maintenance, funding shortfalls, and enrollment challenges that threaten their very survival. This report includes data from 325 higher education institutions with a collective enrollment of 3.5 million students and 1.4 billion total square feet of campus space and includes insights into: • The trends shaping the post-pandemic higher education landscape • How those trends are challenging traditional facilities management strategies • New strategies for building sustainable campuses
Creating a Healthier Environment for College Students and Staff