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Energy Insights Solutions

Visualize your energy with real-time data to holistically manage your consumption, reduce spend, and improve operational efficiency.

Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important, making visibility into energy usage and the ability to proactively manage energy essential. The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. Our energy insights solutions deliver unparalleled visibility into your entire energy footprint – from the site, down to device-level.

Improve your business performance and drive your energy strategy forward through actionable, real-time energy intelligence from your devices and integrated utility meters. Effectively and holistically manage consumption, reduce power waste, improve operational efficiency, lower energy costs, prevent costly downtime, and create a comprehensive energy strategy.

Gain visibility into how your organization uses energy

Learn how energy insights help you understand your energy
Watch our video and discover how our Panoramic PowerTM wireless sensors combine with your utility meters to deliver a wide range of granular, actionable real-time energy intelligence to a single platform.

Benefits of energy insights solutions

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy infrastructure with real-time, device-level monitoring.
  • Lower your electricity costs by proactively taking action when you identify inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies and spend by benchmarking and managing energy consumption.
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure and costly downtime with predictive analytics and sophisticated alerts.
  • Integrate 3rd party utility meters such as gas, heat, water, and air flow for a complete view of your energy.
  • Become a reseller and earn additional revenue with preferential pricing, referral fees, and cross-sell opportunities.
6 mos
ROI at a Chicago office space that reduced annual energy use by more than 3 million kWh
Increased earnings from a hospital when they saved 3.5 MW of energy through actionable energy insights
Energy savings from a manufacturing facility through better understanding of their energy usage

Power of partnership

  • Extend your business offering by reselling our market-leading energy data analytics solution to your customers.
  • Innovate and develop added value services that generate ongoing revenue for your business.
  • Get up to speed on new technologies with comprehensive product training and sales assets.
How does our technology work?
How Energy Insight works: step 1
1. Data collection
Our self-powered and non-intrusive Panoramic Power wireless sensors – combined with your 3rd party utility meters for gas, heat, air flow, and water – collect real-time energy data and analytics from your devices and equipment at a circuit-level of granularity.
How Energy Insight works: step 2
2. Data monitoring
The sensors and 3rd party utility meters continuously collect data and deliver it in real-time to our Panoramic Power Gen 4+ Bridge. The Gen 4+ Bridge then delivers the energy data via cloud technology to our complimentary energy management platform, PowerRadar™, for analysis. Our cloud-based technology utilizes Amazon Web Services (AWS) – one of the most popular cloud infrastructure providers – and adheres to strict security and privacy standards to keep your network and critical assets safe.
How Energy Insight works: step 3
3. Analysis and action
PowerRadar provides a powerfully simple platform to understand your energy infrastructure. This cloud-based, secure software provides you with the flexibility to view and manage your energy from anywhere while retaining confidence that your data is secure. Use the intelligence from PowerRadar – or the software of your choice – to develop an informed, data-driven energy strategy.
Contact one of our partners to learn how you can use actionable insights from real energy data to form a comprehensive energy strategy.

Complete performance visibility with PowerRadar

Learn more about our industry-leading energy management software that brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyze your entire energy infrastructure – providing a single view to visualize and take action on your energy data.


Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Fast, easy implementation – self-powered Panoramic Power wireless sensors require no maintenance.
  • PowerRadar – manage your entire energy footprint securely with our complimentary energy management platform.
  • Experience and track record – we have global expertise delivering end-to-end solutions that drive your strategy.
Our solution is deployed in 78 countries
Monitored sites
Our technology is collecting energy data for over 8,500 sites globally
10 sec
Our sensors collect energy data every 10 seconds for real-time visibility
Learn how granular and actionable real-time energy intelligence from our energy insights solutions can power your business performance.

Delivering for your organization

Find out how we work to meet your objectives.
We help your organization assemble the right technology to achieve your economic and environmental goals – using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.