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Driving IoT with wireless sensor technology
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Driving IoT with wireless sensor technology

Learn how energy intelligence collected by wireless energy monitoring equipment is driving better decision-making and operational performance.

Energy cost management and operational excellence have never been more critical for organizations, and connected devices are producing energy intelligence to guide organizations through making decisions, saving money, and optimizing processes.

By equipping energy-consuming assets with wireless energy monitoring equipment at the device-level, organizations gain unique visibility into operational processes, enabling them to understand where their costs truly lie. This energy intelligence is enabling smart, data-driven energy strategies – creating enormous opportunities for organizations to optimize operational performance, make efficiency gains, and better manage energy consumption and costs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making this possible – it is making our world smarter. In our new whitepaper, Driving IoT with wireless sensor technology, we discuss how the IoT and wireless energy monitoring equipment are working together to revolutionize operational performance.

Create a smart energy infrastructure with the IoT

The IoT connects with wireless sensors to transform everyday physical objects into smart, strategic assets that collect and exchange data, allowing them to be sensed and controlled remotely and creating opportunities for improved efficiency and profitability. This collected intelligence from everyday objects enables organizations to drive better decision-making, optimize their operations, increase transparency and better understand their infrastructure.

The IoT is driving a new era of operational awareness and performance. By making their infrastructure smart, organizations have access to real-time operational data and a clear, transparent view of operational performance. This level of transparency can identify energy waste, inefficiencies and performance issues. As organizations are looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce spend, the IoT is revolutionizing operational performance.

Organizations looking to embrace the IoT should be focused on harnessing real-time energy intelligence so they can assess performance, operational health and efficiency. According to our own research, leading businesses are increasingly using the IoT to power their energy strategy, leveraging smart devices to transform their business and accelerate their journey to energy efficiency, resilience and sustainability. 76% of sustainable businesses are utilizing data collected from sensors and smart devices to improve decision-making, compared with 56% of other businesses.1

Harness the power of the IoT with energy insights

Connected, smart devices are providing energy intelligence and creating opportunity to manage energy cost. Our energy insights solutions consist of self-powered, miniature Panoramic PowerTM wireless sensors that harness the power of the IoT to transform virtually any energy-consuming device – from manufacturing equipment to HVAC components to lighting systems – into a smart device. By deploying our Panoramic Power wireless sensors and tracking performance in real-time, organizations can make smart, informed decisions based on energy intelligence.

The IoT can be an invaluable asset for organizations across a variety of industries. By leveraging the power of the IoT through our energy insights solutions to gain a more focused and detailed understanding of their infrastructure, organizations can drive real-time operational awareness and transform their business.

Discover how energy insights and the IoT can power operational excellence