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Driving IoT with wireless sensor technology

Use energy insights and the power of the IoT to create a smart energy infrastructure

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Empower your customers to build a smart energy structure with energy insights and the power of IoT.  

Operational excellence and energy cost management have never been more critical for businesses. By gaining a more focused and detailed understanding of your energy infrastructure, you can drive real-time operational awareness for your customers.

We’re working with partners like you to bring our market-leading energy insights solutions, which consist of Panoramic Power™ and PowerRadarTM, to even more organizations. Together, we can unlock added value for your customers—and create new growth opportunities for your business.

High-level contents:

  • How the IoT and energy insights solutions are making our world smarter
  • Our network of partners are using the IoT and wireless energy monitoring equipment to power their energy strategy
  • IoT technologies like our energy insights solutions are providing intelligence and creating opportunity for our partners and their customers

If you are interested in speaking to one of our team members about becoming a partner, please reach out to walter.smith@centrica.com.