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Sustainable energy solutions for water utilities

Sustainable energy solutions for water utilities

Reduce operating expenses and improve your services with water infrastructure upgrades that lower energy and maintenance costs, increase revenue, reduce carbon emissions, and boost resilience.

Municipal water and wastewater utilities are critical to local infrastructure. They must ensure safe drinking water and wastewater systems, provide reliable service, meet regulatory and environmental demands, and keep consumer costs down. Meeting high stakeholder standards requires massive amounts of energy, and aging infrastructure results in inefficient energy consumption and costly water loss. Modernizing infrastructure is critical to cut overhead costs, minimize leaks, reclaim revenue with improved metering accuracy, and meet resilience, efficiency, and carbon targets.

Capitalizing on opportunities to modernize water infrastructure

Water and wastewater facilities face the growing need to invest heavily in aging infrastructure, find new sources of supply to meet growing demand, address affordability concerns, and meet strict environmental regulations. However, the current landscape provides opportunities to implement energy-efficient technologies and infrastructure.


Water and wastewater utilities are large energy consumers, with as much as 40% of their operating costs dedicated to energy – boosting efficiency can save utilities 15-30%


The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provides a local fiscal recovery fund of more than $65 billion each to cities and counties to improve infrastructure


The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides more than $60 billion for state and local governments to address efficiency, resilience, and electrification

Maintain budget neutrality with EPC funding

While energy and infrastructure upgrades reduce overhead costs, limited budgets and conflicting priorities can restrict spending that doesn’t immediately impact frontline services. Energy Performance Contracts (EPC) help water and wastewater utilities maintain budget neutrality while implementing needed upgrades:

  • Requires no initial investment
  • Uses the energy savings achieved by the infrastructure improvements to finance the cost of upgrades
  • Pays for the project over time with the guaranteed annual savings
How energy performance contracts work
Energy solutions for water utilities

We deliver a full range of technologies and services that help municipal water and wastewater utilities reach their energy and infrastructure goals. They work together to optimize energy and infrastructure comprehensively, and we deploy them in the proper order for maximum energy savings and carbon emissions reduction.

Energy efficiency

Lower energy and maintenance costs, increase equipment life and performance, reduce carbon emissions, and improve comfort.


Reclaim revenue from water and wastewater by improving meter accuracy and repairing system leaks to prevent costly water loss.


Boost resilience with a secure energy supply to keep pumping, water treatment and waste management systems working at all times.

Learn how local governments can increase efficiency and ensure resilience across their infrastructure.
Why choose Centrica Business Solutions?
Integrated sustainable energy solutions
Integrated sustainable energy solutions
Remove complexity and deliver the most “add-on” value through our bundled, end-to-end energy solutions encompassing energy efficiency measures and renewable energy offerings.
Sustainable energy solutions
A structured approach and energy pathway
A structured, data-driven action plan
Link your objectives to a clear energy strategy with our engagement methodology that provides a clear and targeted approach to energy implementation, helping you achieve your energy and infrastructure goals.
Developing a tailored vision for facility upgrades
A partner that works with you
A partner that works with you
Meet your energy and infrastructure goals with a DOE-qualified and NAESCO-accredited energy services company that works with you to tailor integrated energy solutions, services, and financing to maximize your IIJA and ARPA funds.
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Energy solutions flexible financing
No upfront investment
Overcome budget constraints and finance your energy strategy with a range of options that allow you to implement multi-measure energy efficiency and clean energy projects – with no upfront cost.
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