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Local governments should avoid these 3 energy financing mistakes
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Local governments should avoid these 3 energy financing mistakes

Avoid these 3 mistakes when implementing energy and infrastructure upgrades.

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Many local governments know they need to upgrade aging infrastructure to reduce energy costs, increase efficiencies, minimize waste, and reduce carbon emissions. The main questions for many officials, then, isn’t whether or not they should upgrade infrastructure, but what exactly do they need to do? What measures do they need to take? Where should they even start? And how do they overcome capital constraints?

These questions are becoming more top of mind as all areas of local government – cities, counties, parishes, special districts, towns, villages, water plants, and wastewater plants – look to address the efficiency and sustainability of assets across their infrastructure and pursue operational excellence. Financing mechanisms can play a key role in helping local governments achieve their energy and infrastructure goals. However, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

In our new guide, you will learn how to fully maximize your energy and infrastructure and accelerate your energy reduction and net zero targets by avoiding these three mistakes:

  1. Why you shouldn’t consider funding projects only with capital
  2. Why tackling projects one at a time is not the most efficient or cost-effective method
  3. Why the order of solution deployment matters

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