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Water Management

Water Management

Reduce water consumption, minimize wasted water, lower operational and maintenance expenses, and increase billable revenues with our comprehensive water efficiency and conservation programs.

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Water conservation is an important tool for protecting our natural resources and carries the added benefit of reducing operational costs when managed efficiently. Many organizations depend on water based on the products or services they provide, and they can significantly reduce their water and sewer costs by implementing water conservation measures to reduce wasted water.

Water efficiency and conservation measures can also help water and wastewater utilities retrieve as much as 25% of their billable water revenues by improving metering accuracy and reducing water loss. Water meters degrade over time, and they may fail to provide accurate measurement readings. As the largest energy consumers in municipalities, these utilities require metering accuracy and measures to prevent water loss – and lost revenue.

Through water efficiency and conservation programs provided by an energy efficiency company like Centrica Business Solutions, we can work together to create healthier, more sustainable communities.

Light and water solutions to save $907k a year

Efficient lighting and water solutions from Centrica Business Solutions projected to save $907k a year for the Tennessee Department of Correction.

Benefits of water management

  • Water waste reduction – organizations can use 20% less water by installing water-efficient fixtures and equipment, yielding water and sewer cost savings.
  • Energy cost reduction – implementing water management efficiency solutions can save utilities 15% to 30% in energy costs.
  • Increased revenue for utilities – improving meter accuracy and repairing system leaks can increase billable revenue by as much as 25% without raising rates.
  • Greenhouse gas reduction – reducing the amount of energy used in the pumping of water reduces our carbon emissions, which contribute to greenhouse gases.
Gallons of water lost in the U.S. every year due to inefficient distribution systems
Annual cost of water lost through distribution systems
Average municipal water loss
Optimize your water management without upfront capital investment.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Unbiased technical consulting – we are product agnostic, so our only obligation is delivering the most effective water management solutions to our customers.
  • Single point of integration – one go-to energy efficiency company ensures the highest quality and safety standards for every customer.
  • No capital required – we offer a range of budget-neutral, no-capital required financing options.
  • Proven track record of satisfied customers – we have completed more than 20,000 energy efficiency solutions with an average Net Promoter/customer recommendation score of 80+.
Energy efficiency solutions completed in the United States
Average Net Promoter/customer recommendation score
Fully-funded options available with no capital outlay

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