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Solar operations and maintenance

Deliver sustainable performance and protect your solar system in the long-term with our committed team of O&M professionals.

Solar is a decades-long investment, so it is important to partner with a company that ensures the reliability of your on-site energy generation. We are committed to providing the highest standard of aftercare in the solar market by combining our knowledge and experience with our dedication to customer care. Given our brand strength, accomplished track record, and experience, you can be sure we’ll be with you throughout the life of your Solar PV system.

Optimize PV system performance

Good maintenance of your solar installation is critical to ensure its effective performance and maximise power generation:

  • Real-time remote monitoring and diagnostics - subject to connection
  • Preventative maintenance to reduce risk of faults and outages
  • Rapid reactive maintenance to remedy faults and restore the plant
  • Utilization of the latest technologies, such as drones for inspections
Solar O&M: Ensure safety and compliance
Stay safe and compliant

We help protect your solution from exposure to the elements and keep people or members of the public safe:

  • Regularly inspecting, maintaining and certifying your installation
  • Ensuring well maintained components, incl. low & high voltage
  • Identifying health and safety issues relating to your site
Solar O&M: Maximize efficiency and savings
Maximize efficiency and savings

We help you maximize the benefits of investment and give you greater visibility into into performance:

  • Access greater visibility over how your solar system is performing
  • Identify post go-live improvements solar installation operation
  • Maintain your installation in accordance with manufacturer guidelines
Talk to our team about how we maximize and protect your Solar investment.