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How energy measurement and monitoring can help you to meet business objectives

Take a look at how businesses are approaching energy measurement and why analytics is becoming so crucial.

Discover the importance of actionable insights and how they can help you deliver immediate financial benefits and build the case for further investment.

Energy management and monitoring is of increasing strategic importance. The modern digitally transformed organization is metrics-driven, monitoring every aspect of operations to identify savings, efficiencies and potential opportunities to improve the quality of service provided to customers. Based on research conducted by Centrica Business Solutions, although most organizations recognize the value of measurement, just one-quarter (24%) continuously assess energy use. One-third (30%) have not measured energy use in the past year, or at all.

Organizations that consider themselves to be more efficient that their competitors are much more likely to be continuously monitoring energy consumption. To ensure accuracy, these companies are using multiple measurements, regularly reviewing and applying their findings to adapt working practices to be energy efficient.

How energy measurement and monitoring can help you to meet business objectives


Greater energy efficiency is strongly linked to having a range of monitoring/tracking tools: three-fifths (58%) of the most efficient companies use three or more different measures to track energy. Measurement allows for targeted, effective change that delivers ongoing benefits—avoiding the short-term ad hoc approach of their less effective competitors.

Those businesses which measure energy usage are also better able to calculate ROI—and build the case for further investment and plan where future investment will deliver the greatest returns. A proactive approach to energy measurement simplifies management and reduces consumption in the long term.

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