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Future proof facilities with backup power solutions

Future proof facilities with backup power solutions

Florida legislation now requires assisted living facilities have a backup source of power to maintain cooling and portable sources of power during outages. We’ve developed this resource to help you develop a strategy that ensures you are compliant with the new bill.

When 12 people died in a sweltering Florida nursing home after Hurricane Irma knocked out the facility’s power, Florida legislature took action to improve the infrastructure of assisted living facilities. The Department of Elder Affairs now requires a secondary source to maintain cooling and provide portable power sources for each resident in the event of an outage. This regulation aims to protect the safety of elderly residents and workers and ensure their care is top-of-mind.

While this policy will have positive long-term impacts, the timing and adoption costs can feel overwhelming for companies to implement. That’s why we’re working with nursing homes and assisted living facilities to create go-forward plans and resources that ensure you’re compliant with the new bill. We have a diverse range of energy products and solutions as well as a knowledgeable team who can work with you to manage the new energy requirements. For example, we can offer a rental option for standby generation to keep you compliant while implementing your long-term strategy.

The new legislation dictates resources be scaled based on the resident capacity. Larger capacity facilities, like a nursing home, are required to have 72 hours of backup fuel while smaller assisted living facilities with less than 17 beds, are only required to provide 48 hours of backup fuel. In addition to the primary and secondary energy sources, all facilities are required to have on-site technology that manages temperatures and maintains an indoor average of no more than 81 degrees.

In an effort to satisfy these regulatory needs, we offer flexible energy options. With generators ranging in size from 30kW to 2.5MW and diesel and natural gas options, all models are compliant in Florida. In addition to our time-tested durability (we’ve provided prime and stand-by power systems since 1949), we’ve also been a long-term partner to many nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Whether you’re a care worker, a facility manager, a finance director or the head of energy at an assisted living facility, rely on us to help navigate the evolving regulated landscape.

Our products are also built to standards set by UL, EPA and NFPA along with all local requirements in Florida. As a collective whole, these generators lessen grid dependency, provide protection from outages and create a secure energy source ensuring there is always an available backup power supply. Each unit features:

  • An industry leading heavy duty engine coupled with an efficient generator that remains fuel efficient at full load
  • A control interface allowing facilities to monitor for voltages, fuel levels and alarms
  • A service guarantee to ensure the equipment runs flawlessly

While these new regulations are the standard in Florida, we should expect these laws to expand nationally. To prepare for regulatory shifts across the country, facilities of all sizes should start planning now. Taking preventative measures – including reviewing existing energy sources, determining opportunities for future improvement and budgeting for backup systems that provide secure support in the event of a crisis – will pay off in dividends in the long run. Not sure where to start? We can help. Learn more about our power generation solutions and connect with a member of our Rudox power generation team to start developing your plan. Together, we can future-proof your facility.