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Are you an energy leader? Discover the three characteristics you need.

Energy leaders are ahead of the competition when it comes to energy efficiency, energy measurement and energy strategy. Discover their key characteristics.

Discover the compelling statistics that are setting energy leaders apart from other businesses.

Those businesses who use energy most efficiently and effectively are known as energy leaders. Energy leaders are part of a small group of businesses that have started looking at the role energy can play in helping them achieve their broader business objectives. That includes considering how they can become more efficient, generate additional revenue and build competitive advantage.

Energy leaders share three common characteristics:

  1. Attitude — they regard energy as an asset that can be leveraged to achieve business objectives.
  2. Measurement — they continuously monitor and manage energy using several metrics to maximize energy efficiency.
  3. Adoption — they invest in advanced technologies to produce and store energy onsite.

For leaders, energy is not just another cost center. Instead it is an opportunity to improve the way they do business, improve customer service and to increase efficiency.

Are you an energy leader? Discover the three characteristics you need.


Does your business share any of the key characteristics of an energy leader? No? Time to take action:

  • Senior management must buy into the strategic importance of energy
  • Assess energy usage and identify potential efficiencies currently available
  • Develop an energy strategy that aligns with wider business goals
  • Invest in systems that provide end to end visibility of energy in the business
  • Balance multiple energy sources to build flexibility into the estate
  • Reduce business risk and improve overall resilience

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