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Entertainment venue guarantees energy supply with Centrica Business Solutions

A diesel back-up generator from Centrica Business Solutions is helping to ensure that the power is always on at one of New York’s famous sports and entertainment venues, delivering a world-class experience for performers, visitors and employees.

1.5 kW
Standby output
Response to demand in seconds
Service guarantee
0 loss
No loss of power

When the show must go on

With thousands of spectators and millions more watching on TV and devices around the world, events at this world-famous entertainment center simply cannot be interrupted by a loss of power.

The perfect insurance policy 

This entertainment center is a $1 billion, state-of-the-art venue featuring the latest in technology and equipment to provide the ultimate experience for visitors and performers alike. It spends millions each year powering spectacular light shows, illuminating public areas, retail and food outlets and keeping everyone safe and secure.

Since opening, the multi-purpose indoor arena has operated a Mitsubishi Model RM1500 diesel generator from Centrica Business Solutions, with an output of 2,353 amps on continuous standby, ready to swing into action with an instant delivery of back-up power should its primary source ever fail. A proactive, quarterly maintenance and testing program keeps the generator in top condition, operating at 100% efficiency.

The results

For more than six years, the diesel generator has provided peace of mind for managers and operational staff, secure in the knowledge that high-quality, back-up power is always on hand. 

The Director of Engineering, says: “There’s no doubting the quality of the diesel generator, it’s a market-leading piece of equipment. With every event we stage our reputation is on the line, so we have to be uncompromising in our selection of suppliers and partners – we always choose the best.

“The Centrica Business Solutions team is very proactive, we never have to ask when they are coming in to test, maintain and service the generator – they organize everything and tell us when they’re coming. It’s extremely reassuring to have a partner with their expertise and dedication – we know that we can always rely on them.”

There’s no doubting the quality of the diesel generator, it’s a market-leading piece of equipment.”
Director of Engineering

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

• Centrica Business Solutions’ proactive team built a strong relationship with this prominent New York customer 
• Regular testing and maintenance provide peace of mind that the generator will work when required 
• The quality of the generator means the venue can rely on it to keep continuous power during high profile events