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Fortune 100 Technology Company Reduces Energy Consumption by 35%

Utilizing an Energy-as-a-Service Agreement (EaaS), over the past seven years, our client has saved millions of dollars in realized energy savings.
Annual energy cost savings
Maintenance savings reduction
Maintenance savings reduction

The Challenge

Like many other Fortune 100 companies, our client had established ambitious energy efficiency goals. Accessing the capital funding required for enterprise-wide energy optimization was challenging, so the initial approach was to proceed on a project-by-project, and region-by-region basis. The inefficiencies and  inconsistencies resulting from this piecemeal approach quickly became apparent, and our client sought an alternative solution.

The Solution

The obvious solution was to identify a national partner offering the financial, technological, construction, measurement, reporting, and monitoring building blocks needed to implement enterprise-wide energy optimization. We recommended the Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) program, which shifted all implementation costs and asset ownership to a third party.

Since the Energy-as-a-Service platform freed our client from any capital investment, they could triple the number of facilities that they could make energy efficient each year.

The Impact

Over the first seven years of working together, we signed more than $82 million in energy efficiency projects, helping our client reduce their lighting energy consumption by 70%, their HVAC consumption by 28%, and the overall electrical energy consumption at fulfillment centers by an average of 25%.

The result? Millions of dollars in realized energy savings.

Most of these projects were implemented through our EaaS program that resulted in zero risk, zero investment and a net positive cash flow to our client that will be worth over $24 million in annual operational savings at the end of the EaaS program.

To date, they have saved more than 500,000,000 kWh from their installed projects.

  • Annual Energy Savings Cost: $30,000,000+
  • Annual Maintenance Cost Savings: $615,000
  • Carbon Dioxide Reduction: 300,608 tons

By removing this quantity of CO2 from the atmosphere, this project will have the same effect on the local community as:

tree seedlings grown for 10 years
acres of U.S. forest preserved
gallons of gas saved
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