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Solar PV system monitoring

Solar PV system monitoring

We provide real-time monitoring of your Solar photovoltaic (PV) system to verify production and offer top-level service in the event of an anomaly.

Your Solar PV system comes equipped with a data acquisition system, combiner boxes for string-level monitoring, and an inverter connection, enabling us to monitor your equipment in real-time. Our customer service team will continually monitor your system and address any performance issues in order to meet production guarantees. They can identify system anomalies immediately via automated monitoring software and will review your system’s performance. If a problem is identified, a local crew will be dispatched to assess and correct the problem.

You will also receive a login to a monitoring portal where you will have 24/7 access to your energy data.

Solar PV system equipment monitoring

• Panel-by-panel performance
• Demand monitoring
• Inverter monitoring
• String-level monitoring

Solar PV system production monitoring

• Energy savings
• Environmental impact
• Maximized incentive

Find out more about how our Solar PV system monitoring ensures maximum performance.