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New energy technology – the blueprint for Commercial Real Estate

Reduce energy consumption, improve facility maintenance, minimize disruption.
Commercial Real Estate companies have energy-consuming assets dispersed across a portfolio of buildings: maintaining them can be costly and time-consuming. Often, energy and site maintenance are connected tasks – energy assets are not only maintenance heavy, they are usually essential to tenants. A new energy approach is needed - one that helps manage costs, minimize disruption to tenants and improve efficiency.
What can new energy technology offer?
The power of knowledge icon
The power of knowledge
Helps you identify where operational inefficiencies lie and energy is being wasted, so you can focus your resources where they’re needed most.
less cost, more revenue.
Less cost, more revenue
Unlocks cost savings through efficiency gains, such as reducing your out of hours consumption. Helps you create a new revenue stream by feeding reserve energy capacity back into the grid.
Resilience icon.
Greater energy control
Helps keep your key energy assets operational, increasing efficiency and minimizing disruption to tenants. Reduces the time you spend on managing your facilities.
Reduced waster, reduced carbon icon.
Reduced waste, reduced carbon
Helps you monitor, measure and reduce your carbon emissions to comply with energy disclosure laws and legislation aimed at reducing waste.
commerical real estate sector annual spend (source: Better Builidings, US Dept of Energy)
square feet of floor space (source: Better Builidings, US Dept of Energy)
Commercial buildings’ share of total energy consumption (source: US Energy Information Administration)