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Power Generation

Keep your business secure with on-site standby power generation.

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Operational resilience is the most important factor in keeping your business running. As electricity demand increases, new energy sources such as renewables come online and weather-related events cause damage to centralized infrastructure, the stability of the grid and your power supply can be interrupted. Our standby Power Generation solution delivers energy security.

Guarantee business energy security with backup, or standby, power generation on-site. Our flexible solutions for both permanent and rental generators can be installed at no cost to you, with 24/7 remote monitoring and operation and maintenance  packages available. With decades of experience assembling and servicing Power Generation units, you can trust our engines to meet your requirements.

Entertainment venue guarantees energy supply

A diesel back-up generator from Centrica Business Solutions is helping to ensure that the power is always on at one of New York’s famous sports and entertainment venues.

Benefits to your business

  • Secure your business by guaranteeing you have the power you need at critical times, such as inclement weather
  • Flexible generator options fully scalable through multiple engines from 30kw to 3,500kw
  • Ensure generator performance with remote asset monitoring as well as scheduled and reactive maintenance
  • Access operation and maintenance packages that keep your generator functioning reliably
  • Use your generator in Demand Response programs, and gain revenue by supporting the grid at peak times

Estimated percentage of revenue cost of energy failure, highlighted by businesses in our Resilience Report.

Businesses we surveyed that have experienced at least one energy-related failure in a 12-month period.
Businesses that agreed that the cost of an energy resilience strategy was cheaper than energy-related failure.

Source: The Resilience Report, Centrica Business Solutions, 2018

We surveyed energy decision-makers across multiple industries to understand the true impact of energy failure, and how to avoid it.
How does Power Generation work?

Standby or backup generation can help your organization improve its operational efficiency and strengthen the resilience of your site’s energy supply, ensuring you always have power when you need it.


Providing almost continuous operation, a power generation engine requires a single fuel to function, simplifying your infrastructure requirements.

Automatic Transfer Switch

The Automatic Transfer Switch checks for power and when power fails, it switches to the generator to provide power to the site. It does the reverse when the utility power is restored. This can also be done to support energy peaks.

Emergency Distribution Panel

This is connected to the transfer panel and connects to the circuits that need to operate in case of a power outage.

Learn more about our range of Power Generation units with these Technical Datasheets.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • End-to-end service with Centrica able to develop, design, manufacture, install, operate and maintain
  • Wide range of unit choices, both natural gas and diesel, from 30kw to 2.5meg in single units
  • Experience you can count on with over 70 years of experience in power generation
  • In-house capabilities to design and supply a system to meet your exact specifications
Experience designing, installing, maintaining and optimising on-site standby generation.
Maximum size of our range of single unit generators available to purchase or rent.
Remote asset monitoring to identify and resolve issues quickly.
Our specialists can answer any questions about purchasing, renting or servicing a standby Power Generation unit for your business.