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Purchasing a Power Generation unit

We are a full service provider who can design, install, maintain and optimize an on-site standby generation solution that is right for your business.

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Centrica Business Solutions is a leading, full service, power generation business solution integrator with an established reputation of providing quality machines with responsive, reliable, personalized service at competitive prices.

We distribute generator sets, engines and power units from 2,000W to 10MW, including 3,500kW of standby power down to small portable generator sets. Our in-house capabilities allow us to design and supply a system to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Benefits to your business

  • Secure your business by ensuring standby power is available when bad weather or grid failure interruption occurs
  • Use your generator in Demand Response programs, and gain revenue by supporting the grid at peak times
  • Easily integrate your generator with your site and ensure optimal operation with our O&M package
  • Design and install a solution that ensures your business requirements are met
  • Choose from flexible generator options fully scalable through multiple engines from 30kw to 3,500kw
Our technicians are servicing over 200 customers across CT, NJ, NY & PA.
Remote asset monitoring to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Learn more about our range of Power Generation units with these Technical Datasheets.

How does Power Generation work?

Standby or backup generation can help your organization improve its operational efficiency and strengthen the resilience of your site’s energy supply, ensuring you always have power when you need it.

Full-service supplier

As a full service energy product provider, we can recommend and incorporate different techniques and technologies including solar power systems, boiler replacement/optimization, water saving measures, pump & motor efficiency upgrades and optimization, and high efficiency lighting systems.

Equipped with a full fleet of service vehicles supporting Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania and 24/7 service capabilities staffed with factory trained specialized technicians. Our O&M technicians possess a wealth of experience in engine and generator repair, including both scheduled and 24/7 emergency maintenance as needed.

Our specialists can answer any questions about purchasing, renting or servicing a standby Power Generation unit for your business.