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Renting a Power Generation unit

Protect your business today with flexible, cost effective rental options for on-site standby generation.

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Our rental fleet is cost effective, fast, and runs the gamut of sizes from 10kw to 2meg. Our experienced team ensures that your rental meets your specific power and application needs, all equipped with a full range of rental accessories.

We offer a variety of rental agreements ranging from short term (plant or existing generator maintenance, weddings / events and tradeshows) to long term (new construction sites, seasonal programs, reconstruction and weather events or natural disasters). Special applications, such as to film crew support requiring mobile sound attenuated sets, are also available.

Benefits for you business

  • Competitively priced power generation units that leverage our significant inventory to reduce cost and lead times
  • Team of technicians trained on all generators using testing equipment that allows isolation of issues & replacement
  • Extensive knowledge of the generator technology, regardless of load, frequency, ambient conditions or voltage
  • Custom maintenance contracts that guarantee 24/7 response for unscheduled or scheduled services
Our technicians are servicing over 200 customers across CT, NJ, NY & PA.
Remote asset monitoring to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Learn more about our range of Power Generation units with these Technical Datasheets.

How Power Generation works

Standby or backup generation can help your organization improve its operational efficiency and strengthen the resilience of your site’s energy supply, ensuring you always have power when you need it.

Our specialists can answer any questions about purchasing, renting or servicing a standby Power Generation unit for your business.