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Operation and maintenance for Power Generation units

Providing the level of personalized operation and maintenance support required to keep your business operating 24/7.

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Centrica Business Solutions is dedicated to providing the best in personalized service and customer designed options for all your power requirements. We understand generator service and maintenance are key to the longevity of your standby system.

No matter if you are looking to support a new generator, a rental, or have an existing unit, we are proud to offer a 24/7 support across Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, staffed with factory trained technicians who specialize in generator maintenance and repair work.

Benefits for your business

  • Fully scalable O&M packages for generators from 5kW to 5,000kW
  • Customized servicing agreements that are designed to meet your specific requirements
  • Remote asset monitoring in conjunction with scheduled and reactive maintenance
  • Patented technology provides automatic system updates and allows for rapid service response
  • Full trained in-house engineering team constantly keep up-to-date with legislative and technological advances
  • Experienced support and knowledge of key regulatory requirements including NFPA-110 and Joint Commission
Our technicians are servicing over 200 customers across CT, NJ, NY & PA.
Remote asset monitoring to identify and resolve issues quickly.

Learn more about our range of Power Generation units with these Technical Datasheets.

Service agreements for any generator

No matter if your generator was purchased from us or another company, our expert technicians can support your business by providing on-and off-site operation and maintenance, 24/7.

Our specialists can answer any questions about purchasing, renting or servicing a standby Power Generation unit for your business.