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Keep your business on 24/7

Keep your business on 24/7

Ensuring business continuity is a key part of any organization’s success, and energy resilience is important in maintaining operational security. It’s vital you have an energy strategy that secures you from operational and grid supply interruptions.

We can help protect your business with distributed energy solutions and expert support services that safeguard your organization from commercial, regulatory and market risks – helping you realize your pathway to business resilience.


organizational priority for energy resilience and security among businesses we surveyed.1


of businesses we classified as the most customer-centric view energy resiliency is a potential selling point.1


of businesses we surveyed agree that their reputation relies on a secure source of energy.1

Working with Centrica Business Solutions can help you answer important questions about how your organization can identify and take action on opportunities to enhance energy security and business resilience.

  • How do I build an energy security strategy that reduces the risk of operational disruption?
  • How do I improve stability and management of energy costs across the long-term?
  • How do I ensure my business remains compliant with regulation and factors in changing government legislation?
  • How do I run my energy strategy and infrastructure in a way that guarantees continued reliability?

    Source: 1. Distributed Energy Future Trends, Centrica Business Solutions, 2019

    Other business challenges? Find out how we can help your organization realize a pathway to net zero and improve energy efficiency.