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Solar guarantees and warranties

Solar warranties and guarantees

Industry-leading workmanship warranties and production guarantees demonstrate our commitment to you. We will be with you through the life of your Solar photovoltaic (PV) system.

Solar is a tested and proven technology. Crystalline silicon technology is the most reliable, proven solar technology available. Continuous innovation since the technology was first developed has resulted in PV panels that last decades at incredibly high efficiency levels.

We only install Tier 1 bankable components which are backed by 20-year+ manufacturer warranties and are rigorously tested. You can be assured you are receiving top-quality components that will generate maximum energy to power your facility. Our highest-quality technology offerings, experienced project management, and professional engineering and design deliver maximum energy savings from your Solar PV system – we demonstrate this to you with industry-leading production guarantees and workmanship warranties.

Find out more about our industry-leading workmanship warranties and production guarantees.

*We guarantee 90% of the estimated production per year, taking into account any surplus from prior years, and pay out the amount of kWhs multiplied by the guaranteed kWh rate for that year, unless the cause of underproduction was due to one of the following: a) damage not caused by Centrica Business Solutions, b) failure not related to a system defect, c) theft of the system, d) force majeure, and e) customer failure of obligations. See contract for full details.