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Energy Efficiency Services

We provide turn-key energy efficiency solutions that lower utility and maintenance costs, improve occupant comfort, safety and productivity, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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The average commercial building wastes 30% of the energy it consumes – year-after-year. Upgrading a facility’s energy infrastructure can eliminate this waste and dramatically reduce energy consumption and utility costs.

In addition to the energy savings, energy efficiency upgrades reduce operation and maintenance costs, increase equipment life and performance, reduce production downtime, and improve employee comfort, safety, and productivity.


Implement energy efficiency measures without upfront capital investment

Benefits for your business

  • Reduced utility costs: Increasing efficiencies and eliminating wasted energy can reduce utility costs by up to 30%.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: Upgrading inefficient equipment and adding automatic controls cuts maintenance costs dramatically.
  • Increased business intelligence: Business Automation systems provide real-time equipment performance data.
  • Improved working conditions: Lighting and ventilation upgrades are proven to improve occupant comfort, morale and performance.
  • Reduced greenhouse gasses: Energy efficiency is the most cost-efficient way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Unparalleled experience: Unmatched energy efficiency design, engineering, construction, and financing expertise.
  • Unbiased technical consulting: We deliver open systems-centric and product-agnostic solutions.
  • Single-source solution: One go-to source assures project quality and safety.
  • No capital required: We offer a variety of budget-neutral, full-funding options to cover all efficiency upgrade costs.
  • Long-term value: We deliver the best value approach and future-proof energy systems.
  • Proven track record: 22,000+ energy efficiency upgrades completed, with an average NPS/recommendation score of 80+. 
Energy efficiency customers served.
Average Net Promoter/customer recommendation score.
Fully funded options available with not capital outlay.