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Centrica Group progresses path to net zero

Centrica has strengthened our commitment to be a net zero business by 2045.
reduction in carbon emissions footprint to date
global reduction target to be achieved by 2030
our commitment to be a net zero business by 2045

Leading by example

Centrica plc embarked on a journey in 2007 to cut the internal carbon footprint of our property, fleet, and travel by 20% by
2015. We exceeded this target, achieving a 27% reduction. In 2015 we committed to further reductions of 20% by 2025
against existing levels – surpassing this target only four years later in 2018 – and leading to the creation of ambitions the
following year to reduce our internal carbon footprint and customer emissions in line with Paris goals out to 2030.

As the need to accelerate our collective journey to net zero grows, Centrica has built on previous commitments as part
of its People & Planet Plan – setting new targets to help customers be net zero by 2050 (28% reduction by 2030) and
become a net zero business by 2045 (40% reduction by 2034) – five years earlier than its previous goal and the UK deadline.

As a market leader in energy solutions, Centrica is well placed to achieve these ambitions by utilizing its capabilities to embed sustainable technologies and behaviors across the business.

Accelerating our ambitions

Across the business, Centrica has accelerated savings through efforts to drive organizational efficiencies and move away from upstream generation and production, as well as the roll-out of green tariffs and the installation of low carbon and energy efficient technologies. These include new boilers, LED lighting, on-site solar and battery storage, and biomass boilers.

To reduce fleet emissions, Centrica brought forward its target to electrify its 12,000-strong fleet by 2025, with the purchase
of 3,000 e-Vivaro electric vans from Vauxhall, which is the largest commercial electric vehicle (EV) order of its kind in the
UK. Having already deployed 200 EVs to date, we’ve completed over 218,000 miles – saving 30,000 liters of diesel or the
equivalent of 193 barrels of oil.

As part of this commitment, Centrica remains a signatory to EV100, which is a global initiative that brings together forward-looking companies that want to accelerate the transition to EVs, and as part of this group, Centrica will continue to share learning about the roll-out and use services and solutions developed for our own fleet to drive forward the transition to EV transportation.

Meanwhile, a reduction in travel emissions is encouraged. Employees are inspired to enhance travel arrangements and
use alternatives with technology like video-conferencing. Colleagues were also incentivized to take up green travel
options, which includes opting for an electric or hybrid company car.

The results

Since 2019 we have reduced our own total carbon footprint by 18%. And over the last decade, we have reduced the emissions associated with our internal operations by 80%.

We want to continue to lead by example and drive emissions out of our business. Within our plan is the completion of
our strategic transformation to exit oil and gas exploration and production, convert our road fleet to electric, and seek
opportunities to expand energy efficiency, onsite generation, and green tariffs across our sites.

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