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Auburn Area Recreation and Park District leads the way in environmental responsibility
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California park district leads the way in environmental responsibility

Auburn Area Recreation and Park District reduces energy costs and increases their sustainability by implementing a broad mix of energy efficiency measures and solar photovoltaic (PV) systems installed by Centrica Business Solutions.
annual kWh savings
annual utility cost savings
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Sustainable forms of recreation

The city of Auburn in California is known for its outdoor activities. Auburn Area Recreation and Park District (ARD) maintains parks and recreation facilities in the greater Auburn area, and they believe sustainability to keep that going is very important.

ARD uses a lot of energy to maintain their facilities, from playgrounds to pools, ball fields, and community centers. Outdated infrastructure meant that ARD was paying a substantial amount on air conditioning costs during the summer and using a lot of water, which is a drought concern. In addition, outdated lighting in the sports fields was time-consuming and expensive to maintain.

ARD selected Centrica Business Solutions to implement the energy and infrastructure improvements needed to meet their sustainability goals and enable a budget-neutral project. According to Kahl Muscott, District Administrator for ARD: “We could tell from the beginning that Centrica brought a level of trust and a level of professionalism that we would need to get through that process.”

A diverse mix of measures

The conversation began around upgrades to the sports field lighting. This led to Centrica Business Solutions scoping additional measures to hit ARD’s infrastructure upgrade goals and environmental targets. They looked across ARD’s entire energy landscape to learn how ARD was using electricity, water, and gas – and provided recommendations for 19 locations across ARD’s footprint.

A range of energy efficiency measures will immediately reduce ARD’s energy consumption and simplify maintenance. Centrica Business Solutions replaced existing lighting with LED across multiple sites, plus sports lighting at four fields. Buildings received upgrades that included new HVAC systems, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and more efficient technology for refrigeration, dishwashing, and ice-making. Even the two pools at ARD received efficiency upgrades that included on-site hypochlorite generation, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), and a new pool heater.

These energy conservation measures work hand-in-hand with on-site energy generation to further boost sustainability. Centrica Business Solutions designed and installed 184 kW of carport solar across four parking lots to provide clean energy to power the community centers.

To be part of an opportunity for people to become better in their community and continue to provide sustainable forms of recreation makes us very happy. And our partnership with Centrica has made that all possible to continue going forward for years to come.”
Kahl Muscott, District Administrator, Auburn Area Recreation and Park District

The results

With these energy and infrastructure upgrades, ARD is taking a proactive approach to their responsibility to the environment and the resources that they steward. ARD will reduce its grid energy consumption by 391,667 kWh each year, saving $132,238 in annual overall utility costs.

Centrica Business Solutions handled all aspects of the project for ARD, including soliciting the best financing rate. ARD’s energy savings pay for the upgrades. Once the 15-year term is up, ARD directly realizes those savings, which will help them sustain their budget for years to come.

In addition to energy cost savings, ARD and their community will enjoy additional benefits. The field lighting upgrades offer a much better quality of light. The solar PV systems provide shade for cars. The new HVAC systems reduce maintenance costs. The plumbing upgrades use less water. The chlorite generators and VFD in the pools enable a more sustainable source of sanitation. But the best part is that these upgrades will allow ARD to free up budget for more recreational activities for the community.

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