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Ways to reduce grid consumption with distributed energy generation and storage

The energy landscape is changing and your business needs to be prepared to adopt new solutions.

The energy landscape is changing and your business needs to be prepared to adopt new solutions.

The way organizations view energy is changing. The grid is no longer seen as a reliable and secure option to meet ever growing energy demands. Organizations are seeking ways to gain greater independence in power generation and become less dependent on the grid with distributed energy generation and storage.

As new energy sources, insights and technologies emerge, power becomes more of an opportunity than a commodity and generation is no longer centralized. Local generation options are becoming increasingly accessible and emerging technologies provide the means to understand and manage energy use more effectively.

Organizations are adopting a mixed approach to how they source and use energy. They are starting to use energy in new ways to reduce their dependence on the national infrastructure, gain competitive advantage, increase resilience, improve operational efficiency and open new revenue streams.

This approach is not just about more efficient ways of using energy. It’s also about producing electricity closer to the point of use through technologies such as gas-fired back-up generators, solar and combined heat and power. It’s about harnessing the full power of data and the digital world to alter behaviors and take control.

Energy is becoming more local

Distributed energy solutions are now more affordable, efficient and secure than before. Intelligent technology is bringing smaller, cleaner power sources close to the point of need and is helping organizations manage their energy demand and consumption.

Power built around you

Organizations recognize that adopting a combination of solutions such as battery storage, solar and Demand Response measures can open the door to energy monetization.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we can provide the right combination of innovative energy solutions and expert advice to deliver the energy strategy your organization needs. Our distributed energy solutions provide end-to-end energy services across a range of areas including:

Energy Insight

Our Energy Insight solution, Panoramic Power can help organizations improve operational efficiency, uncover new growth opportunities and reduce business risk. Panoramic Power can help you turn energy from a commodity cost to a value-adding resource.

Panoramic Power allows you to monitor energy use across all of your equipment and devices. The intelligence driven by this data helps you optimize performance, deal with potential equipment failures before they happen and reduce energy inefficiencies and waste.

Energy Efficiency

We can work with you to perform a detailed energy efficiency audit across your entire facility to identify inefficiencies and potential areas for improvement. Our Energy Efficiency solution assesses how we can help you define a long-term energy management strategy that will uncover new growth opportunities, improve operational efficiency, reduce business risk and deliver real competitive advantage.

Demand Response (DR)

Generate revenue by reducing your energy use at peak times with intelligent technology that helps you balance supply and demand and manage consumption.

We understand the role energy flexibility can play to unlock new value, reduce costs and power business performance. The benefits of DR are not only cost—they also include reduced environmental impact, lower carbon footprint and with it an improved security of supply.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Cogeneration systems work by converting gas into both electricity and heat in a single process. It’s one of the most efficient sources of energy and allows organizations to produce a significant amount of their energy needs onsite, improving the resilience of its supply, reducing costs and helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Power Generation

A range of small-scale power generating technologies exist, including gas generators, to provide onsite generation, a source of back-up power for sites. Improve your resilience with back-up power generation and generate extra revenue by supplying the grid at peak times.

Solar and Storage

Solar power enables you to generate your own electricity onsite by converting the power of the sun into 100% renewable electricity. It works by absorbing sunlight and converting it into electricity. Solar panels are mounted on the roof of a building, on a carport, or on the ground (such as in a field).

The power generated can be used directly onsite, stored in a battery system for later use during high cost peaks or, in some cases, fed back into the grid to create an additional revenue stream. It is 100% sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective – ideal for businesses that want to reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions.

Benefits of distributed energy solutions

There are many benefits of generating power onsite and distributed energy solutions:

  • Use insights to proactively manage your energy infrastructure
  • Optimize your operations, identify opportunities to improve your energy usage, minimize downtime and reduce carbon emissions
  • Simplify your energy management and infrastructure with end-to-end solutions
  • Ensure your continuity of supply by implementing energy solutions that improve site resilience
  • Reduce operational failure by modernizing your infrastructure and building a commercial strategy that minimizes financial risk
  • Protect against market change and strengthen your compliance with energy regulation

Centrica Business Solutions can help you make the most of distributed energy to improve your operational performance, increase your resilience and drive your business vision forward. Our experts who will help you realize the power of power, with straightforward solutions that put you in control.