Why Combined Heat and Power?

Combined Heat and Power (CHP) is a highly intelligent and efficient process that works by efficiently and effectively converting gas into both electricity and heat in a single process, at on your own site. This then improves the resilience of your on-site energy supply, reduces your costs and helps lower your CO2 emissions.

The Carbon Trust recognises CHP as “the measure that offers the most significant single opportunity to reduce energy and improve environmental performance.”


Gain complete visibility of your energy performance to maximize your energy efficiency, catch problems before they develop, and even future proof your business – with PowerRadar, the single-view energy management platform.

Use PowerRadar to:
• Lessen peak demand 
• Manage all your data across solutions 
• View your entire business footprint

3D laser scanning

Building plans and blueprints don’t give you the whole picture. Take the complexity out of installing new energy equipment with our industry-leading 3D Laser Scanning service – giving you pinpoint accuracy to see and control every detail.

Use 3D laser scanning to:
• Reduce time
• Lower cost
• Minimise risk

Flexible finance

Limited capital doesn’t have to limit your ambitions. With our end-to-end energy solutions, global scale and our range of flexible commercial and financing options – achieving the energy transformation you want. 

With flexible finance you benefit from:
• No initial capital outlay
• Immediate cost reduction
• Payment over contract lifetimes with no hidden costs