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Commercial Solar Panels

Save money on your organisation’s electricity supply with cost-effective, sustainable and reliable energy with large scale commercial solar panels.

Do you have a Solar project in mind?

With over 20 years of expertise installing large-scale solar systems, we can help transform your unused roof or ground space into a source of renewable energy – with electricity cost savings of up to 30%.

If you’re a large organisation that consumes over 500,000kWh of electricity annually, and are interested in starting a new energy project in the next 12 months, we can help. Tell us about your project by completing our simple form.

solar sites installed in the UK and Ireland
20+ years
of experience installing solar in the UK and Ireland
solar installed in the UK and Ireland
renewable energy source, with no carbon emissions

Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for your Solar PV system?

  • No upfront capital required with our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Deploy an end-to-end solution with our in-house capability to design, install, finance and maintain Solar
  • Enjoy a full turnkey solution designed with long-term operations and maintenance in mind
  • Manage risk with 24/7 remote monitoring of your Solar PV system
  • Benefit from our 20 years of expertise and experience installing large-scale Solar PV systems of over 500kW
Types of Commercial Solar
We offer a range of different Commercial Solar installations, to suit a range of different requirements.
Illustration of a Ground-Mounted Solar installation
Ground-Mounted Solar PV
Solar panels are installed in the ground either onsite or at another location. It's more versatile than Roof-Mounted Solar, as it's installed where conditions are best and eliminates any issues with roof angle, orientation, space, and size. Ground-Mounted Solar PV is an ideal option if you have the available land, and when your roof is not Solar suitable due to constraints or shading.
Illustration of roof mounted solar
Roof-Mounted Solar PV
Solar panels are mounted to the available roof space of your facility. This can monetise your roof and transform an under-utilised space into an onsite generation asset. It's also a visible testament to sustainability and environmental commitments.
Solar icon
Solar Carports
A ground-mounted canopy that stretch over car parking spaces. It allows you to make your car park multi-purpose: a generator of electricity for your organisation, as well as a place to park. It can be combined with EV Charge Points and LED lighting for maximum impact.

Financing your solar ambitions

Thanks to our flexible, transparent and simple-to-understand financing options commercial solar panels are more accessible than ever. Register your details to download our brochure to find out how we can help you to fund your organisation's solar PV installation. 

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Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

  • Lower your electricity costs by up to 30% with reduced grid energy consumption
  • Secure predictable power costs by shielding your business from fluctuating market prices
  • Power your organisation with 100% renewable energy and no greenhouse gas emissions
  • Gain budget stability through accurate forecasting of operating expenses
  • Monetise underused assets by installing large-scale Solar on ground or roof space
How we work
We develop, fund, build and operate large-scale, behind-the-meter Solar PV installations for large industrial businesses and the public sector. With 20+ years of solar experience, we’ve delivered over 16,000 solar PV systems worldwide.

We begin by completing an audit of your energy estate and diagnose any opportunities, before creating a bespoke technical solution:


  • Design a technical solution that addresses your goals

  • Deliver a robust feasibility process

  • Advise on planning, connection and site safety considerations

  • Outline capital investment and any available financing solutions


Net Zero Consultancy >


Next, we offer flexible financing scenarios, and can work with you to ensure you are able to secure the necessary Centrica funding:


  • Funding and commercial options that align with business goals

  • Secure financing directly from Centrica for single contractual agreements

  • Dedicated support to develop a solution that allows for no upfront costs


Solar Financing >


We then build and integrate the proposed solution into your business, with careful project management to ensure a seamless process:


  • Dedicated consents team to support planning and grid connectivity

  • Experienced project managers to complete on time and budget

  • Test and activate your solution, and connect to infrastructure 

  • Minimise disruption and have the high safety standards 


Solar Installation Process >


Finally, our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams will be on hand to ensure optimal operation and ongoing value from the solution:


  • Regular inspections and proactive maintenance

  • Remote monitoring to track performance, potential issues and improvements

  • Comprehensive cost and carbon savings reporting

  • Incorporate O&M with no upfront cost with our funding solution


Solar O&M >

Take advantage of a 100% renewable energy source

Watch our video to find out why investing in large-scale Solar should be an integral part of your energy strategy.

Generate cost-efficient electricity on-site with no CO2 emissions.   

How does Solar work?
How Solar works

Speak to our Solar experts

Do you have a Solar project in mind? Contact our team of experts today to find out how you could save up to 30% on your electricity with commercial solar power.

Frequently asked questions about Commercial Solar Panels

Solar panels have a potential payback period of between two and six years, and an overall system lifetime of over twenty years. By reducing your electricity bill versus importing grid electricity, this means solar panels are worth it to secure long-term savings for your business.

Solar energy can be used in homes and businesses by generating a source of power onsite. By converting sunlight into usable AC electricity, they can power your everyday business activities.

Commercial solar panels can last for between 20 and 25 years, when taken care of with a high-quality aftercare solution.

It takes between 3 and 8 months to complete a commercial solar panel installation project. Aftercare will then last for the duration of the system’s 20+ year lifetime.

Solar panels cut business costs by reducing your reliance on grid electricity, which can be volatile in price. Operating solar panels can often lead to a lower electricity bill than importing grid electricity.

Depending on your agreement and the technology you deploy, you may be able to claim capital allowances on your commercial solar panels in the United Kingdom.