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Panoramic Power. Energy Intelligence Solutions.

Cut costs, drive decarbonization and boost operational efficiency with our end-to-end Energy Intelligence solution

Panoramic Power provides a comprehensive and easy-to-deploy hardware and energy management platform that allows you to visualize energy usage, optimize costs and investments, and enhance performance. Experience real-time, detailed energy analytics and proactive, actionable insights. We call it energy intelligence.
Customized to Your Work and You
Panoramic Power Sensors and Hardware
Data Enablement Sensors & Hardware

Collect real-time energy data at the device level, with wireless, self-powered and maintenance-free sensors.

Laptop with dashboard
Cloud Analytics

Data collected from the sensors and 3rd party data sources, is delivered to our energy intelligence cloud platform for monitoring and analysis.

Mobile apps
Web and Mobile Apps

Easily view and manage your energy from anywhere to make data-driven business and sustainability decisions.

Cloud Analytics for Enhanced Performance

Our cutting-edge cloud analytics platform offers the intelligence and visibility required to effectively comprehend and optimize your entire energy estate, and take proactive action on your operations and equipment. 
Our platform provides unparalleled value for performance, efficiency, and sustainability enhancements.

Cloud analytics

Real time energy intelligence. Always with you.

Access critical energy insights anytime, anywhere. Our mobile applications empower you to monitor, manage, and optimize your energy usage from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Stay connected, in control, and ahead of the curve with real-time intelligence at your fingertips.
Panoramic Power Mobile Apps

Value For Your Business

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy usage
  • Shortest time-to-value, with almost immediate ROI
  • Energy cost reduction by identifying inefficiencies and waste
  • Minimized risk of equipment failure and costly downtime
  • Plan, monitor, and report on net-zero and decarbonization initiatives.
Engineer with desktop

Achieving Stories

The story of Orange Business Services: If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it

“To be able to improve our performance, we need to have detailed knowledge of our energy consumption. We now have the highest visibility on power usage. We reduced the consumption of three of our data centers by 10%, and we decided to scale up the deployment of Panoramic Power.” Marco Bastucci, Green Act Program Director.

The Story of Magna Plastcoat: Preventing Thermolator TCU failure 18 months in Advance

“Before implementing Panoramic Power, our maintenance department was like a fire fighting department. We were having a ton of different breakdowns, and different issues throughout the plant. Now, I can see all of our issues upcoming, and attend the machines and prevent major downtimes.” - James Draper, Maintenance Lead “We can track electricity, gas, and water data, capture it and use it in our sustainability reports, for driving changes to our teams on the floor.” - Jason Barber, Health and Safety Manager

Why Panoramic Power

  • Self-powered, zero-maintenance, wireless sensors for quick and seamless installation
  • Cloud-based energy intelligence platform
  • Fully customized end-to-end solution, tailored to your business goals and preferences
  • Actionable proactive insights for informed decision-making and planning
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Start your journey right and grow from the ground up

Our partner network of Energy Intelligence Experts are with you every step of the way, from planning and onboarding and beyond, providing support along your journey