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Energy solutions for businesses

We work with industrial and commercial businesses to reduce costs, decarbonise and improve efficiency with a range of integrated energy assets.

We deliver Integrated energy assets for the Industrial and Commercial sectors. Whether you’re looking to decarbonise, save money or become more resilient, we can help you to balance the demands of planet and profit. From onsite heat and power generation to energy data monitoring, we help businesses across several sectors to get ready for a net zero future.

Whatever your sector, the demands of planet and profit are likely putting pressure on your business. With shrinking margins, regulatory requirements and volatile overheads to contend with, industrial and commercial businesses need to minimise waste and reduce input costs to stay competitive. And as many explore their Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, decarbonisation is also more important than ever. 

But you can prioritise both. Our innovative energy solutions mean that you don’t need to choose between your bottom line and a low carbon future. From on-site generation to device-level energy monitoring, we can help you to improve your margins, reduce risks to production and decarbonise. So, you can build your pathway to net zero whilst ensuring your business is as strong as ever.

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Do you have a large-scale energy project in mind?

Are you a large industrial or commercial business that is looking to invest in integrated energy solutions?

With over 35 years of experience working with industrial and commercial businesses, we can help you balance the needs of planet and profit, without the need for upfront capital. Tell us about the unique requirements of your business by completing our simple form to get the conversation started.

Delivering energy solutions across sectors
We provide integrated energy assets across a number of business sectors, with specific focus on:
Staying competitive in the face of volatile overheads can be challenging – especially finding a balance between costs and a low carbon future. We support manufacturers – including industrial and food & beverage manufacturers – to reduce costs and improve efficiency, all whilst accelerating to net zero.
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Sports and Leisure
We have extensive experience in supporting sports and leisure organisations on their decarbonisation journey, providing integrated energy solutions to manage high energy-usage facilities and address increasing operational costs.
Data Centres
Energy is critical for large data centres, with demand far outpacing most other industries – and with business critical information at stake, it’s crucial to secure reliable supply. With integrated energy assets, we can provide data centres with peace of mind that they’ll be able to power data access whenever it’s needed.
Between regulatory demands, consumer experience and sustainability, it’s undeniably challenging for water companies to strike the right balance. But with our energy generation and monitoring assets, as well as flexible financing to overcome capital constraints, we help the water sector to meet these challenges with low-carbon solutions.
Icon of hotel - Powering hotels and hospitality
Hotels and Hospitality
We partner with the hotels and hospitality sector to address expanding energy requirements at unique sites. We offer integrated energy solutions to manage costs and close margins, implement sustainability strategies, and move closer to energy independence.
Icon of store - Powering tourist attractions
Tourist Attractions
We help tourist attractions to solve their energy challenges, helping them to decarbonise across a variety of diverse facilities, secure resilient energy supply to meet steady demand, and cut operational costs by implementing integrated energy solutions.

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