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Discount Energy Purchase

Unlock the potential of onsite energy generation with one simple contract, lasting 7-15 years

Do you need financing for your energy project?

If you’re looking to finance your new energy assets with one simple contract, you could bundle together your energy needs with our in-house Discount Energy Purchase.

With cost predictability and maintenance secured for up to 15 years in one Centrica-funded agreement, you’ll know your energy solution is in safe hands. Tell us about your project to get started.

Helping you to invest in onsite assets

Our Discount Energy Purchase is a commercial financing solution, funded by us and helping organisations to secure savings with onsite energy generation.

DEP is a direct agreement with Centrica, where we’ll install and operate energy generation assets at your site with no upfront costs. As a result, you'll have a single contract covering your asset and financing, so no other parties or banks need to be involved. This can help to simplify the process of investing in your energy estate.

Over the course of your contract, you’ll simply pay an agreed p/kWh electricity unit rate in line with the agreement you create with us. After accounting for increased gas consumption costs, this will usually be set at a lower rate than importing grid electricity – helping you to make significant savings for the long term.

We’ll also bundle in ongoing operations and maintenance for a period of 7-15 years, covering regular servicing and repairs to your onsite generation asset. With flexible financing, ongoing aftercare and a secure energy supply combined into one contract, you can rest assured that your energy strategy is under control.

  • No set up costs and no initial capital outlay, subject to agreement
  • Secure your energy supply at an agreed p/kWh rate for 7-15 years
  • Bundle operations and maintenance into your contract
  • Cover projects from 100kW to 10MW+
  • Retain control of commodity spend, with the option to procure British Gas supply
simple contract bundling together your energy needs
capital outlay needed for investment, subject to agreement
7-15 years
agreed p/kWh rate, with indexation

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