Commercial Heat Pumps

Access a net zero heating solution that meet your environmental and financial objectives with flexible, cost-effective Heat Pumps.

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As one of the UK’s leading business energy solutions partners, we have over 30 years’ experience in designing, financing, deploying, operating and monitoring on-site energy infrastructure. We offer a variety of Heat Pump types (air, ground, water and waste-source) to best suit your specific financial and environmental requirements.

Heat Pumps can help address climate change pressure by assisting organisations in lowering their carbon footprint. As the UK’s electricity grid continues to decarbonise, how we heat our business and manufacturing facilities will undergo transformation. Conventional heating systems, fuelled by natural gas, are increasing less aligned with a low carbon future.

Find out how Heat Pumps can help you to decarbonise, reduce spend and improve energy resilience

Benefits for your business

  • Replace natural gas with sustainable heat generation for your business and simplify your Scope 1 and 2 reporting
  • Implement an efficient heating source with average savings in excess of 40-60% for ground or air source pumps
  • Couple Heat Pumps with renewable technologies such as solar PV to become carbon neutral or Combined Heat & Power (CHP) to enhance heat generation
  • Switch to a reliable heating system that avoids the need for excessive and time consuming maintenance
  • Minimise planning risks, avoid obstacles and reduce project costs with our expert solution design engineering team.
HNIP grants are available up to £5m per project
Heat Pumps can provide heating from 40°C up to 165°C
Heat Pumps do not emit any direct emissions
Financing to help your organisation invest in heat pumps
How Heat Pumps work

As a low-or-zero carbon solution, Heat Pumps can provide heating from 40°C up to 165°C and do not emit any direct emissions, significantly reducing or replacing an organisation’s need to burn fossil fuels on-site.

Diagram of how heat pumps work - How to choose the right Heat Pump for your business energy?

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Reduce investment risk with our experienced solution design and deployment and range of flexible financing options.
  • Access superior delivery using our in-house engineers, specialist project managers and award winning safety program.
  • Enable additional value with an integrated solution with other technologies (i.e. CHP, Demand Side Response).
  • Expert after-care via remote monitoring and trained workforce for regular, periodic maintenance and inspections.
We offer a full suite of Heat Pump options from air, ground, water and waste heat-source.
Over 30 years of experience in delivering integrated on-site energy solutions.
Over 6,300 customer sites serviced in UK&I, Europe and the Americas.

Selecting the right Heat Pump for your business

Heat Pumps enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend, but how do you choose between an air, ground, water or waste-source pump? We lay out some of the basics.

Heat Pumps can be combined with a number of other technologies such as CHP.

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