Commercial Heat Pumps

Access a net zero heating solution that meets your environmental and financial objectives with flexible, cost-effective Heat Pumps.

Do you have a Heat Pumps project in mind?

Are you a large organisation that consumes over 500,000 kWh of electricity and is planning to start a new energy project in the next 12 months?

With over 35 years’ experience in deploying onsite energy infrastructure, we are the right partner to deliver your end-to-end Heat Pump solutions. Tell us about your project by completing our simple form to get the conversation started.

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Find out how Heat Pumps can help you to decarbonise, reduce spend and improve energy resilience

Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for your Heat Pump?

  • Reduce investment risk with our 35+ years of experience in solution design and deployment
  • No upfront capital needed with our range of flexible financing options
  • Access superior delivery with our in-house engineers and award-winning safety program
  • Enable additional value by integrating with other technologies, such as CHP and Solar PV
  • Expert after-care via remote monitoring and regular, periodic maintenance and inspections
Our range of flexible financing options means you can invest with no upfront capital needed
Available options

Centrica Business Solutions can support you with installing four types of Commercial Heat Pump.

Air-source heat pump icon
Air-Source Heat Pumps
Fitted to the side or on the roof of a building, Air-Source Heat Pumps draw air from outside and transfer heat by means of compression.
Ground-source heat pump icon
Ground-Source Heat Pumps
Ground-Source Heat Pumps utilise thermal boreholes to provide a year-round source of stable temperature heat.
Water-source heat pump icon
Water-Source Heat Pumps
Working similarly to Ground-Source, Water-Source Heat Pumps use fluid in submerged pipes to absorb heat in a body of water.
Waste heat-source heat pump icon
Waste Heat-Source Heat Pumps
To achieve high seasonal performance and the greatest possible reduction in carbon emissions, Waste Heat-Source Heat Pumps utilise wasted heat as part of an industrial process.
How Heat Pumps work

As a low-or-zero carbon solution, Heat Pumps can provide heating from 40°C up to 165°C and do not emit any direct emissions, significantly reducing or replacing an organisation’s need to burn fossil fuels on-site.

Diagram of how heat pumps work - How to choose the right Heat Pump for your business energy?
Combine your Heat Pump with Commercial Solar Panels for a carbon neutral solution

Heat Pump benefits for your organisation

  • Save up to 40-60% on average with a ground-source or air-source heat pump
  • Transition to a low carbon future by replacing natural gas with a Heat Pump
  • Simplify your Scope 1 and 2 reporting, with zero direct emissions from a Heat Pump
  • Integrate with technologies like Solar PV or CHP for high efficiency and low emissions
  • Lower your spend with lower maintenance requirements and limited unplanned downtime
  • Reduce project costs and ongoing support charges through access to our expert design and engineering team

5 benefits of large Commercial Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend. Act now to access low carbon heating for the future.

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Do you have a Heat Pumps project in mind? Contact our team of experts today to find out how you could make savings of 40-60% with a ground or air source heat pump.

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