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Control your energy costs with low carbon heating

Heat pumps are a cost-effective, low or zero carbon solution for your heating and cooling whilst supporting your net zero goals.

Gain investment payback within 6 years, due to falling technology costs, or achieve positive cash returns via Centrica financing.

Improve energy security & lock in affordable energy costs – to protect your business from future market volatility.

Trust our specialists to deliver your end-to-end integrated heat pump project – from design and installation – to operation, maintenance and financing.

Download our brochure to find out more about:

  • Heating your site from 40-165°C – without direct emissions
  • Combining with solar PV to go carbon neutral and boost savings
  • Configuring heat pumps to meet your cooling needs
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 80%, relative to natural gas boiler
  • Choosing between Air-source, Ground-Source, Water-Source or Waste Heat-Source pumps
  • How Zero CAPEX Centrica financing accelerates project delivery for cash-positive returns or how to capitalise on government grants
  • Adding battery storage to bolster resilience and cost returns, including demand side response revenues
  • Partnering with our experts, who have 30+ years of developing & managing on-site energy infrastructure.

To speak to our heat pump experts, please get in touch.

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