Financing your energy ambitions

Power your energy strategy with Centrica Business Solutions range of flexible commercial and financing options.

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Integrated energy solutions are now more accessible than ever thanks to Centrica Business Solutions' flexible and simple-to-understand commercial options. We are already helping thousands of organisations across the globe realise their pathway to becoming a more sustainable business.

Combining our long history of leadership in the energy industry with a strong balance sheet, range of options, ability to support applications for government stimulus funds and the commercial expertise; we ensure your organisation delivers on its cost reduction, energy security and sustainability objectives.


of sustainability leaders already have a decarbonisation plan, based on scientific data and targets, in place

of sustainability leaders say decarbonisation through energy management is a critical part of their sustainability plan

of sustainability leaders say their sustainability initiatives help them to tap into green finance opportunities

Source: Why wait to pursue net zero?, Centrica Business Solutions, 2021.

Financing the power of integrated energy

Learn more about our financing options 
Watch our video and see how our range of flexible financing options make it easier than ever for your organisation to deliver on its energy ambitions with a trusted partner focused on powering performance.    

Benefits for your business

  • Create a commercial agreement that suits your specific requirements, appetite for risk and financial objectives
  • Bundle solutions and services with a contract that includes technology, ongoing maintenance and energy finance
  • Eliminate the need for capital expenditure and deliver cost predictability with Centrica or third party provided financing
  • Manage commercial risk with Centrica retaining responsibility for solution maintenance and availability
  • Retain control of commodity spend and supplier, or choose to integrate British Gas supply within the same contract
Our Financing Options

We offer a range of flexible commercial and asset financing models, supported by consolidated procurement, ongoing operational
support and solution maintenance packages.

Financing_Options_ICO_Discount Energy Purchase-(DEP)
Discount Energy Purchase (DEP)

Our DEP option finances on-site generation assets. Suiting 7-15 years, you pay a fixed p/kWh unit rate for the electricity generated, inclusive of ongoing maintenance.

Financing_Options_ICO_Energy Services Agreement-(ESA)
Energy Services Agreement (ESA)

Our ESA option finances installation of multi-technology solutions. Suiting up to 20 years, this option is funded either by Centrica or 3rd party finance, including Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Financing_Options_ICO_Power Purchase Agreement-(PPA)
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Our PPA option finances on-site renewable generation assets. Suiting a period up to 25 years, using a single agreement inclusive of the asset, financing and operation.

Financing_Options_ICO_Optional Ownership Agreement-(OOA)
Optional Ownership Agreement (OOA)

Our OOA option expands the flexibility of our DEP option, enabling you to invest a level of capital expenditure - the lower your DEP (p/kWh) fixed rate. After year one you can invest more.

Financing_Options_ICO_Capital Expenditure
Capital Expenditure

Our capital expenditure option enables you to reap the benefits of your solutions from day one, and engage other services, such as ongoing O&M, within a single contractual agreement.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help finance your energy ambitions.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Wide range of zero capital expenditure options enable our customers to implement advanced energy solutions without capital
  • Implement our suite of technologies including energy insight and analytics, optimisation and on-site generation
  • Dedicated commercial teams focused on working with customers to identify the right energy service arrangements
  • Extensive heritage and experience as a 200 year old, FTSE 250 company with solutions in place across 34 countries
  • Our award-winning Health and Safety team keep employees, visitors and the wider community secure

What if capital constraints are blocking your energy ambitions?

The time to act on business energy performance is now. Centrica Business Solutions can help ensure capital constraints don't block your cost and carbon saving ambitions.

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