Power your energy strategy with Centrica Business Solutions’ range of flexible, in-house financing options.

Integrated energy solutions are now more accessible than ever thanks to Centrica Business Solutions' flexible and simple-to-understand commercial options. Combining our 200-year history of energy leadership with a strong balance sheet and flexible in-house financing, we can help you to finance your energy ambitions.

Do you need financing for your energy project?

If you're interested in investing in integrated energy solutions, but aren't sure how to finance your ambitions, we can help.

From flexible investment in CHP to long-term savings with Solar, there are several options which could help your organisation to cut your costs and carbon emissions. Complete our simple form to tell us about your project and get your journey started.

Our in-house financing options
We offer flexible in-house financing, complemented by ongoing operational support and maintenance packages. Whatever your project looks like, we can help you to find the right financing for your organisation.
Discount Energy Purchase icon
Discount Energy Purchase (DEP)
Suitable for: Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Our DEP option finances on-site generation assets, over a 7–15-year contract. You’ll pay an agreed p/kWh unit rate for the electricity generated – and, with ongoing maintenance included, you’ll be assured your solution is always working at its best.
Power Purchase Agreement icon
Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
Suitable for: Commercial Solar Panels
Our PPA option finances on-site renewable generation assets. Suiting a period of 15-20 years, we can offer a single agreement inclusive of the asset, financing and operation.
Flexible Term Agreement icon
Flexible Term Agreement (FTA)
Suitable for: Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Our FTA option enhances the flexibility of DEP, with the ability to replace or return your CHP unit after 3-5 years – helping you adapt to changing circumstances.

Financing the power of integrated energy

Learn more about our financing options 
Watch our video and see how our range of flexible financing options make it easier than ever for your organisation to deliver on its energy ambitions with a trusted partner focused on powering performance.    

Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for flexible financing?

  • Our in-house Centrica financing, combined with our long history and 200-year experience in the energy sector, means your solutions are in safe hands
  • We’ve worked with organisations in 68 countries, with 7,000 customer sites globally – so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing
  • Our zero CAPEX options can help you to deliver cost predictability without the need for capital outlay
  • We can bundle solutions and services in a contract that can include financed multi-tech projects, maintenance, and energy insights
  • We can retain responsibility for asset maintenance and availability, helping you to manage commercial risk
  • You can retain control of commodity spend and supplier – or choose British Gas supply to simplify your energy
  • Our dedicated commercial team can help you create an agreement that works for your specific requirements, objectives, and appetite for risk
  • Our award-winning Health and Safety team keep employees, visitors and the wider community secure
Managed support for UK Government grants
Our commercial team can help you build a business case for investment in your low carbon future, and support you in accessing UK Government grants.
Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme
Access funding for Public Sector heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency projects in England.
Scottish Green Public Sector Estate Decarbonisation Scheme
Access funding for Public Sector heat decarbonisation and energy efficiency in Scotland.
Industrial Energy Transformation Fund
Access funding for Public Sector low-carbon and efficiency projects in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

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