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Flexible Term Agreement

Achieve near-term savings to fund your net zero ambitions with our financing solution for Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

Do you need financing for your energy project?

Secure near-term savings on terms that work for you through Flexible Term Agreement for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), with no initial capital outlay needed.

By investing in CHP with FTA, you could secure immediate savings to fund your longer-term net zero ambitions. Tell us about your project to get started.

Secure savings to fund your future net zero ambitions

Our CHP Flexible Term Agreement is a direct agreement with Centrica, helping organisations to cut costs and carbon with onsite energy generation.

Investing in hydrogen-ready CHP with FTA could result in impressive near-term savings. Not only can this help you to manage your budget effectively in the short term, but you could secure significant savings to help fund your long-term net zero ambitions. With these, you could invest in a Heat Pump or other green energy solutions, helping you to stay financially secure as you transition to net zero.

By choosing to finance your CHP unit with us, you can also eliminate the need for additional parties or banks to be involved in your integrated energy project. Instead, in one simple contract encompassing your asset, financing and Operations & Maintenance, you can simplify your transition to hydrogen-ready CHP.

We’ll containerise one of our market-leading CHP units to install it at your site, and to enable easier future transportation or removal. After 3-5 years, you’ll have the option to return or relocate your CHP unit – penalty-free. So, if you have to move sites, your contract and system can move with you; and if your energy plans change, your CHP can be returned -  helping you to stay agile.

  • Achieve immediate savings by generating usable electricity on-site
  • Utilise near-term savings to invest in your future net zero ambitions
  • Fuel your CHP unit with up to 100% hydrogen
  • No set up costs and no initial capital outlay, subject to agreement
  • Relocate or return your CHP every 3-5 years, without penalties
  • If you choose to relocate your CHP unit, your contract moves with you
  • Bundle in Operations & Maintenance to maximise efficiency
simple contract bundling your CHP unit, financing and O&M
initial capital expenditure needed, subject to agreement
3-5 years
option to relocate or return your CHP unit every 3-5 years

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