Enhancing resilience

Ensuring business continuity is a key part of any organisation's success, and energy resilience is important in maintaining operational security. It’s vital to pursue an energy strategy that secures you from operational and grid supply interruptions.

We can help protect your organisation with integrated energy solutions and expert support services that safeguard you from commercial, regulatory and market risks – helping you realise your pathway to resilience.


of leaders surveyed act to decarbonise before compliance demands it.1


of leaders surveyed say that sustainability means ensuring the company can succeed in the long term.1


of surveyed organisations say that market disruption is a top business risk.1

Working with Centrica Business Solutions can help you answer important questions about how your organisation can identify and realise opportunities to enhance energy security and business resilience.

  • How do I build an energy security strategy that reduces the risk of operational disruption?
  • How do I improve stability and management of energy costs across the long-term?
  • How do I ensure my organisation remains compliant with regulation and factors in changing government legislation?
  • How do I run my energy strategy and infrastructure in a way that guarantees continued reliability?

Source: 1. Why wait to pursue net zero? Centrica Business Solutions, 2021.

A changing world demands a new approach to energy

Learn more about how we help build your Energy Pathway

We help organisations to assemble the right technology to enhance resilience, using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.

First large-scale, multi-asset Virtual Power Plant to stabilise the European power grid.

VPP enhances the resilience and sustainable of Terhills, Belgium

In partnership  with battery supplier, Tesla, and the Belgian Transmission System Operator, Elia, Centrica Business Solutions uses its patented and proprietary cloud solution for Demand Side Response (DSR) technology to optimise the VPP and coordinate the response across all sites. Thanks to the VPP, Terhills now enjoys a reliable energy supply, with spare capacity can be fed back into the Belgian national grid.

Other business challenges? Find out how we can help your organisation realise a pathway to net zero and improve energy efficiency

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