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Our Energy Pathway

We can help you build an Energy Pathway that balances the demands of planet and profit

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What is your Energy Pathway?

Our energy pathway is how we work with organisations. There are many energy technologies and approaches that can help build sustainable businesses. The challenge is combining them into an integrated solution that’s deployed in the right way for maximum impact.

That’s why we developed a 7-stage process which enables us to build you a tailored Energy Pathway that's centred on your business goals. With over 200 years of energy market experience, our approach will give you an energy plan that delivers what you need in the short and long term. Whether you need to reduce energy costs, increase energy security, decarbonise, or all of the above.

A changing world demands a new approach to energy

How we help build Energy Pathways
Watch our video to see how we can help you build an energy strategy that takes advantage of new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

How we work

We will help you to build an Energy Pathway that gives you a targeted approach to energy implementation. It will establish your goals, and give clear direction on how to identify opportunities, install solutions and ensure ongoing support and optimisation.


We begin by working with you to understand your business objectives and set out clear aims for the project. We will complete an audit of your energy estate and diagnose any opportunities. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Interview key stakeholders to understand business objectives and constraints 
  • Install sensors on any energy-using production equipment or industrial processes 
  • Create a detailed view of the business requirements, current energy usage and carbon profile 


Our Energy Strategy and Solution Development teams will generate options that meet your needs before working with you to prioritise opportunities and define a clear Energy Pathway unique to your organisation. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Share market and regulatory insights tailored to your business  
  • Analyse energy data across the entire estate and identify opportunities 
  • Run planning workshop for key stakeholders 
  • Develop a proposed Energy Pathway for business sign-off 


Our Design team will then look to create a bespoke technical solution for your organisation. We will work alongside you to assess the feasibility and refine the specification of the solution. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Design a technical solution that address priorities and supports on-site planning 
  • Advise on planning and site safety considerations for single or multi-tech deployments 
  • Engage in a robust feasibility process to ensure that the solution meets your needs 
  • Outline costs for the solution and any financing or government funding options 


We offer a range of different flexible financing options and can find a model to suit you. We will work with you to ensure you are able to secure the necessary funding. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Model the solution with funding and commercial options that align with business objectives 
  • Provide access to secure financing directly from Centrica for single contractual agreements 
  • Dedicated support and managed services for access 3rd party or government grant financing 

Build and deploy

Our Installation teams will then build and integrate the proposed solution into your business. Deployment and activation of the solution will be carefully project managed to ensure as seamless a process as possible. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Utilise our team of experienced project managers to drive completion on time and to budget 
  • Ensure all aspects of the installation are integrated into your existing energy estate 
  • Deploy and activate your solution(s), test components and finalise any grid connectivity required 
  • Ensure that all works completed on site are to time, minimise disruption and have the highest safe standards 

Operate and Maintain

As part of our ongoing commitment to the partnership, our Operations and Maintenance teams will be on hand to ensure optimal operation and ongoing value from the solution. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Ensure optimal asset operation with remote monitoring and simplified solution management 
  • Quickly resolve issues with real-time insights and analysis to enable swift resolution of faults or problems 
  • Access clear and comprehensive reporting on performance and cost and/or carbon savings 
  • Choose from a range of flexible operation and maintenance packages for complete energy care 
  • Keep your solution in top shape with regular inspections and proactive maintenance from our team 


Our team will regularly and pro-actively monitor all your assets to ensure they are running as effectively as possible, recommend any relevant energy estate improvements and help you earn revenue from flexible energy with enrolment in demand (side) response programmes, if applicable. 

What we will do at this stage: 

  • Our O&M teams are regularly on‐site and can recognise the changes in the business landscape 
  • Our account teams at the end of the phone available to discuss how we can help further 
  • Remote monitoring, keeping track on performance and highlight potential issues and improvements 
  • Connect your assets to optimisation programmes such as Demand Response and generate revenue 
  • Revisit your Energy Pathway document frequently with our team to adjust and identify opportunities 
Tackling your business challenges

We’ve built and operated utility-scale energy assets for years, so we know the potential challenges and pitfalls inside-out. We also know how to maximise new opportunities. With our seven-stage approach to building Energy Pathways, we can be trusted to solve your decarbonised energy needs.

Benefits of our approach

We can help you to build an energy strategy that delivers against both your economic and environmental goals. Every Energy Pathway will be different, and our experts will tailor the right combination of technologies, solutions and services based on your individual business needs.

Each step is underpinned by expert resources, proven processes and end-to-end accountability - ensuring that your business is supported in delivering on your financial and environmental agenda.

  • Reduce carbon footprint with technologies and services that identify inefficiencies and reduce waste
  • Increase profits by reducing energy requirements and creating competitive advantage
  • Minimise risks by identifying energy-related business and environmental risks as early as possible
  • Enhance your brand with results that boost your sustainable reputation
  • Ensure compliance with regulation with expert guidance and regulatory knowledge
  • Overcome resource constraints with full lifecycle support that delivers and manages new technologies
  • Reduce complexity with our delivery methodology, enabled by effective evaluation of your sustainability needs
  • Have a clear plan to success with your Energy Pathway, and meet your business sustainability objectives
Find out how our approach can help you

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