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Power Purchase Agreement

Finance your new solar PV installation with no upfront capital investment

Our Power Purchase Agreement brings simplicity to Solar, helping you to transform your energy estate with no upfront CAPEX expenditure.

PPA is a direct agreement funded by Centrica. You’ll have a single contract with us covering your asset, financing and operations and maintenance. As a result, no other parties or banks need to be involved to secure your solution, helping you to keep your investment simple.

We’ll install a Solar PV system on your site, often on underutilised roof or ground space or on a solar carport. You’ll just pay for the electricity generated by the system, at a kWh price typically lower than grid pricing. You’ll also have the option to bundle operations and maintenance into the same contract, simplifying your energy strategy and ensuring your solar PV system is operating at its best.

  • Typical contract length of 15-20 years, with the potential for a 25-year contract subject to credit checks
  • No upfront capital investment and no setup costs, subject to agreement
  • Funded directly by Centrica, and backed by our long history in the energy sector
  • Bundle operations and maintenance into your contract
upfront investment needed, subject to agreement
renewable source of electricity
15-20 years
typical contract length, or up to 25 years subject to credit checks

Do you need financing for your Solar investment?

If you’re looking to finance your Solar PV system with one simple contract, you could harness the power of the sun with no upfront costs with our Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

Bundled into one direct, Centrica-funded contract, you could secure 20 years of energy cost stability as well as aftercare for your solution across its lifetime. To find out more, contact us today.

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