Food and beverage manufacturing

We help food and beverage manufacturers stay ahead of the competition by improving their operational resilience and production efficiency.

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From labour shortages and supply chain issues, to increases in production costs - food and drink manufactures face significant challenges which will impact their competitiveness. In fact, the industry has seen an average of over 21% increase in production costs.

Faced with so many cost pressures, it’s important for the industry to take actions to protect profit margins and gain long-term cost predictability. Investments in on-site energy solutions can help increase energy efficiency and cut costs, which can help to reduce cost pressure in the longer term. In addition, our financing options mean you can implement these solutions with no up-front capital investment.

How energy can enable a profitable future?

We’ve built and operated utility-scale energy assets for years, so we know the potential challenges and pitfalls inside-out. We also know how to maximise new opportunities. With our seven-stage approach to building Energy Pathways, we can be trusted to solve your decarbonised energy needs.

A clean energy revolution will extend food and beverage manufacturers' shelf life

Making it your business: How to pursue net zero

Your practical guide to accelerating a sustainable energy pathway for businesses.

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