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Cut your business costs with financed energy solutions

Could flexible financing for integrated energy solutions transform your business budget?

Faced with unpredictable costs and inflation, the aftermath of COVID-19 and the growing threat of climate change, organisations worldwide are experiencing unprecedented disruption. As this uncertainty continues, we’re seeing businesses take action to control their costs.

Energy prices remain volatile, and reducing gas and electricity spend can relieve cost pressures. Experts at the Carbon Trust have found that a 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom line benefit as a 5% increase in sales. And you could unlock new opportunities, too. We surveyed business leaders, and found that 80% use energy-efficient technology, products and services to unlock new revenue streams.

It’s clear that investing in integrated energy can bring unexpected cost benefits to your organisation. But as budgets are squeezed, how can you unlock this potential without pressurising your bottom line?

Cut costs and identify savings with financed energy solutions

You may have tried traditional savings methods, like negotiating a better energy deal. But you may have found that these no longer deliver the cost reduction your business needs. There are several ways you could rethink your savings strategy, often with no upfront capital investment needed.

Integrated energy solutions can help you to lower your energy spend. Onsite energy generation, like Combined Heat and Power (CHP), commercial solar panels or heat pumps, can help you to reduce your reliance on the grid.

Depending on grid supply leaves you vulnerable to volatile prices. This makes it difficult to predict your energy spend, giving you less control over your long-term budget. On the contrary, onsite generation can offer a consistent energy cost, helping you to forecast your operating expenses. So, by bringing your energy onsite, you can streamline your costs and retain control of your energy spend.

On top of this, Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as Energy Insights Solutions can help you to monitor your energy consumption in real-time. This powerful technology can give you granular, device-level visibility of your energy performance. With the power of insights on one simple-to-use platform, you can start to identify your costs – and where you can make savings. All this can help you to reduce pressure on your budget.

Overcome capital constraints with flexible finance

At a time when cash conservation is crucial, you may not have the capital to invest in your energy strategy right now. But this doesn’t need to prevent you from unlocking future savings.

Cost-saving energy solutions can deliver strong, predictable returns on investment. So much so, that many projects can be funded off balance sheet using flexible financing options.

Flexible financing means that you can move from a capital cost model to an operating cost model. You won't need to take on any of the risk, asset responsibility or upfront costs associated with the project. All you’ll need to do is pay for the power, cooling, heat or other guaranteed outputs over the length of your contract. You can enjoy all the cost-saving benefits of your solution – without the need for upfront capital.

With no CAPEX needed, you can preserve your cash reserves for core business investments. This can free up your budget to invest in other sustainability measures, or to invest elsewhere in your business. So, with financed low carbon solutions, you’ll be able to balance your sustainability goals with your financial objectives.

Why choose Centrica Business Solutions for your energy solutions financing?

Centrica Business Solutions is already helping hundreds of businesses to overcome capital constraints. With in-house financing, we work with organisations in the public, industrial and commercial sectors to cut costs and boost performance.

Tailored to your unique business needs, our financing deals can help you to turn your energy challenges into advantages. By combining our global energy leadership with our strong balance sheet, we’re able to deliver lasting results with several benefits:

  • In-house Centrica financing, combined with our 200-year experience in the energy sector and 7,000 global customers, means your solutions are in safe hands
  • Our zero-CAPEX options can deliver cost predictability without upfront investment
  • Our simple (often single) contracts can bundle solutions and services together – such as financed multi-tech projects, maintenance, and energy insights solutions
  • We can retain asset responsibility, helping you to manage commercial risk
  • You can retain control of commodity spend and supplier, or simplify your energy with British Gas supply integrated into your contract
  • Our award-winning Health and Safety team keeps employees, visitors and the community safe

Talk to our integrated energy experts

We finance and deliver a range of integrated energy solutions, with over 7,000 customer sites worldwide. From design and deployment through to asset monitoring and maintenance, we can support you throughout its lifetime.

No matter the sector you operate in, we can help you to fund your next step towards net zero. And with flexible, tailored options, bringing integrated energy into your future is simple. Could you cut costs at your organisation with fully funded integrated energy assets?

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