Solar carport

Solar Carports

Drive more value from your car park, by making it a source of power with commercial Solar Carports.

A Solar Carport is a ground-mounted canopy that stretch over car parking spaces. Solar PV panels are mounted on top; while cars can park underneath. It allows you to make your car park multi-purpose: a generator of electricity for your organisation, as well as a place to park. 

In combination, an EV Charge Point can be installed each parking space, and the electricity that’s generated by the Solar Carport can immediately be used to charge your employees’ cars. These can be installed at the same time as the Solar Carport itself, or at a later date. Or if you prefer, the electricity generated by the Solar Carport can be used to power other parts of your site. LED lighting can also be added to the Solar Carport, to improve accessibility across your car park. 

Do you have a Solar Carport project in mind?

Are you a large organisation that consumes over 500,000 kWh of electricity and is planning to invest in a large-scale Solar Carport installation in the next 12 months?

With over 20 years of expertise installing large-scale solar systems, we can help you to transform your car park into a source of power. Tell us about your project by completing our simple form to get the conversation started.

Why choose a Solar Carport?

  • Reduced energy costs: Electricity generated through Solar PV is usually significantly cheaper than purchasing electricity from the grid.
  • Increase onsite generation: It can provide a source of power for your employees to charge their electric cars, or the power can be used elsewhere on the site. 
  • Dual functionality: Car parks are large, open spaces that are often underutilised. Get extra value by using it to increase your energy generation capacity. 
  • Sustainability: Visually demonstrates your commitment to sustainability to your employees and site visitors, especially when combined with EV charge points
  • Shade and shelter: Protects cars, staff and visitors from the elements, giving them extra shelter on their way to site. Your branding can also be integrated into the design.
Types of Solar Carports
We offer three different types of Solar Carports, to suit a range of different site requirements.
Double Gull Wing
  • Each car parking space can fit up to 6 Solar PV panels
  • This option can give the most kWp per parking space
Double Mono
  • This is ideal for south-facing locations
  • It can house up to 5 Solar PV panels in each parking space.
Single Row
  • This is an ideal option if you’re also integrating EV charge points. 
  • Each car parking space can hold up to 3 Solar PV panels.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • No upfront capital required with our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • End-to-end solution, with our in-house ability to manage all planning, grid consent, design and construction
  • Expertise in Solar Carport-specific skills, including rain management, civil engineering and planning
  • Expertise to integrate EV Charge Points and LED lighting during construction or at a later date
  • Enjoy a full turnkey solution designed with long-term Operations and Maintenance in mind
  • Manage risk with 24/7 remote monitoring of your Solar PV system
  • Installation can be fully branded with your preferred colours and company logo

Want to explore more commercial Solar options?

We also offer ground-mounted and roof-mounted Solar PV installations, alongside Solar Carports - delivering the full end-to-end solution, including project development, funding, build and operations and maintenance. Explore our full range of Commercial Solar options.

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